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A 3-year Old Toddler Hodler Interviews Michael Saylor

On Tuesday, A 3-year old Lily Knight has interviewed Michael Saylor on his thoughts about Bitcoin and the plans. The youngest Bitcoin educator in the world interviewed Micheal Saylor, a billionaire and MicroStrategy creator, on her YouTube channel. In the interview, the Toddler Holder noted that the accumulation of over $2 billion Bitcoins by the billionaire since the middle of August 2020 is ballsy moves.

Lily Knight Interviews Billionaire Micheal Saylor About Bitcoins

The youngest Bitcoin educator in the world interviewed Micheal Saylor, a billionaire and MicroStrategy creator, on her YouTube channel concerning Bitcoins and his future goals on 13th April. In February, Lily Knight became a sensation in the crypto world after publishing a video describing Bitcoin’s dynamics with Skittles candy. The YouTube video was noticed by Billionaire Saylor and crypto billionaire Tyler Winklevoss. Both billionaires retweeted the YouTube video, while Winklevoss stated that Lily knows Bitcoin more than some of the central bankers.

What’s more, Lily’s father has noted that the idea to interview the billionaire came after thanking the biggest Bitcoin cheerleader in the world for the video retweeting. And Micheal Saylor received the idea. Lily father stated that there was a lot of editing in the video and maintained that he had to bribe and plead Lily to stay well as they pre-recorded the video and questions for the billionaire to answer. According to him, they recorded her part of the interview, zoomed and played the questions to her while pausing in bits for him to reply.

Lily first questions to Saylor were; when do you buy Bitcoin first? And what influenced you to purchase it? Saylor answered that he has been looking for new strategies of the treasury to conserve the value of shareholder in early 2020 because of the suspicion that funds were broken. Saylor continued that he went on an uphill quest to discover a solution. He was happy to find Bitcoin. I began buying Bitcoins, and I have not stopped since I discovered it, Saylor added.

Bitcoin is First Monitoring Network in the World- Michael Saylor

The 3-year old maintained that several people are confused with Bitcoin nature. She asked Saylor what he thinks is the most misconception in Bitcoins. Saylor answered that people characterize Bitcoin often as a pure investment notion or as a speculative asset. Saylor described bitcoins as the first monitoring network in the world.

The billionaire explicitly maintained that Bitcoin is the first monitoring network in the world and it is a technology. When you begin seeing it as a better money technology, then you would know that it is not only trade. It is a means to view and think of the world. Lily finished the interview by asking the billionaire his next plan. Saylor replied that he wants to do all he can to spread Bitcoin to hundreds of millions of people and teach the benefits of Bitcoins to the world. Anytime I have free time, I will buy more Bitcoins.

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