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Bakkt Rolls Out Its Mobile Application

One thing digital assets have taught us over the years is that there is no discrimination on who invests and trades them. Someone with as low as $10 could decide to buy up that amount of Bitcoin. Even though it is easily said, it is now down to the crypto exchange, which could choose to offer more than that for its minimum buy or less than that.

Aside from that, crypto exchanges have been able to bring crypto to their users, offering them the opportunity to trade effortlessly using their computers or mobile phones. To further help its customer base, Bakkt has announced that it has rolled out its mobile version of its trading platform.

Bakkt mobile app comes in both Android and iOS

According to the crypto exchange, members choosing to take advantage of this feature would be able to get the apps on the playstore for Androids and the app store for iOS devices. Taking a cursory look through the app, the firm has embedded the buying, selling, and storing of digital assets in the mobile app.

Also, users who wish to purchase a wide variety of gift cards would be able to do so due to the massive amounts of brands represented in the mobile app. In their announcement, the firm already stated that it has almost 200 brands showcasing its services.

The CEO of the crypto exchange, Gavin Michael, also pointed out that users would be eligible to earn various rewards and benefits while using the app buttressing on loyalty points. He also pointed out that the firm was finally happy that they can get to show their users what they have been working on and increasing the adoption of digital assets side by side.

Bakkt continues to foster crypto adoption

Ever since the exchange was created, they have focused mainly on helping their customers and clients keep their bitcoins safely. The company that birthed the New York Stock Exchange, ICE, is the exact figure behind the crypto establishment. The idea was first touted some months towards the end of 2018, while 2019 saw the birth of the crypto exchange.

ICE also makes use of the crypto exchanges custodial services to store its assets. Bakkt previously partnered with Starbucks to enable loyal customers of the entity to use their cards to purchase coffee from the shop using the leading digital asset, Bitcoin. Also, the team has said that the service has also gone live on the mobile app.

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