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Binance CEO Dismisses Strategy to Delist U.S-Based Digital Assets

Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s chief executive officer, has rejected claims that the firm strategizes to delist the United States-based virtual assets, regardless of regulatory pressure.

However, Binance reserves have been the topic of regulatory investigation in the United States business associates. Although Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s chief executive officer, has denied these allegations, posting on social media, Twitter, that they are lies and just but speculations.

In the middle of the regulatory scrutinization by the Securities & Exchange Commission, the department of justice, the asset futures exchange commission, and the internal revenue service, Binance has purportedly pulled back on some possible capitalizations or bids on bankrupt United States Companies.

However, the chief Executive officer emphasized caution, announcing that permission must be granted before continuing with such capitalization. Regardless of the regulatory pressures, the firm remains to grow as one of the universe’s leading virtual crypto asset exchange platforms.

As of publishing, the Binance native coin is changing hands at 316.6 dollars, an increase of 15% in the last twenty-four hours. Investors, traders, and digital asset advocates will closely monitor the innovations at Binance while regulatory investigations continue to strengthen across the industry.

Ripple Labs and the Securities and Exchange

A court case against Ripple Labs by the Securities and Exchange Commission has blemished the ripple chief executive officer’s time managing the blockchain platform. The lawsuit targets to bring regulatory transparency to how the United States Securities and Exchange Commission considers the Ripple community.

For example, the Securities and Exchange Commission suggests that the XRP token is a security; meanwhile, Brad Garlinghouse, the Ripple chief executive officer, and Ripple labs treat it as a currency.

The court case tarnished XRP and Ripple Labs, eliminating tokens from virtual crypto asset exchange platforms like Coinbase. In addition, low numbers of trading sales have made it challenging for XRP to utilize maximum price appreciation in the latest bull markets, with doubt and uncertainty clouding Ripple’s future. The lawsuit is anticipated to reach a final hearing within the first half of this year.

This court case is not the only lawsuit the Securities and Exchange Commission is deploying on the virtual crypto assets and Blockchain Companies. For example, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission fined Kraken, a crypto exchange platform, thirty million dollars over claims around its staking services this month.

Brad Garlinghouse Fights for XRP’s Future

When Ripple Chief Executive Officer Brad Garlinghouse first joined the company, Ripple Labs, in 2015, he possibly did not anticipate becoming a center of attraction in one of the leading cryptos exchange legal battles. But, besides grappling with regulators, Brad brings a wealth of corporate knowledge.

The Ripple CEO acknowledges his tight work ethic, accountability, and transparency in his growth in the Midwest of the United States. Ripple protocol is home to hundreds of organizations globally to receive and send virtual crypto assets across borders immediately. During Brad Garlinghouse’s reign, Ripple has grown into one of the leading crypto assets in the crypto ecosystem, competing with other altcoins like Cardano and Ethereum.

By and large, Ripple’s Chief Executive Officer firmly advocates for blockchain technology and decentralized services. In addition, the CEO is a strong supporter of virtual crypto assets such as Bitcoin and believes they will serve important in the future of the global financial system.

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