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Bitcoin Enthusiasts Aim for $48K While Altcoins are Taking the Crypto Market by Storm

These past few weeks have been of incredible progress for the crypto market as Bitcoin has finally reclaimed its position above the $45K officially as; at the time of writing, the flagship cryptocurrency is trading at $46.7K, and the overzealous bitcoin bulls are now aiming for $48k resistance levels. This is something that seemed bleak not a few weeks ago, but now when the market is in full bloom, and the opportunities are more than enough, the traders and investors are really going for it at the moment.

The altcoins, on the other hand, are the real heroes behind this stronger all-market bullish cycle as Ethereum, Dogecoin, and even XRP are rallying the bulls, and the prices are not only steady but improving by a serious percentage.

IOTX has also shown some positive over the chart scores for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, and altcoins are now among the top gainers for a day of 24-hours third day in a row, pretty interesting, right? It is not bitcoin that is along with the steady charts of the IOTX index, it is bitcoin, and this is what’s pretty elementary, so to speak.

Crypto Market Finally Turns Green

With this new surge that both Bitcoin and the altcoins are experiencing simultaneously, the IOTX price is enjoying an all-time high of $0.124 due to this amazing altcoin activity at the time of writing.

The bullish outlook for the IOTX index was already presented and locked in by the VORTECS score, which is an algorithm depicting the bullish cycle or runs for an asset, cryptocurrency, or index by bringing into account the current and past market conditions. These are extensively derived from several data points, such as the trading volume, market sentiment, and even the recent price movements of these assets, as depicted on Twitter.

So, what does this mean for the crypto market in general? It means that not only the market is pacing at a healthier level and state but is also making consistent progress in addressing the recent reproach from investors and traders over the dwindling fate of their investment within the crypto space.

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