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BitOpps Review – Top Reasons To Sign Up With This Broker

BitOpps Review

BitOpps logoIt is a fact that Bitcoin as a digital currency is known to the world. But if we take you 12 years back then this digital asset had no existence. It was unknown to the world till it started gaining success and made its investors millionaires within a short span of time. If we talk about it now, then this coin has great worth. People back then used to invest in cryptocurrencies through mining. But the internet and technological advancements have completely changed the trading dynamics. Now, people buy and sell through online brokers and exchanges. BitOpps is an online broker that welcomes traders to invest in cryptocurrencies to earn profits. This BitOpps review explains all the features this broker has and what services it provides.

The increased demand for online brokers has raised the competition. Along with the competition, many other factors have lead traders to look for any broker’s legitimacy. One of the most important factors is that with the rise in demands, the cheaters and crooks in the market also showed up. This made traders be a bit more dubious about their choice for their ultimate trading platform. Moreover, the review articles also cover the dominant features of the trading platforms. There are certain features that nearly every broker provides, but the fact is that no one knows about their credibility.

This BitOpps review is here to guide you in the best possible way to help the investors to make a decision about their broker. I have highlighted some of the points in the following headings that contain knowledge about this firm and its work.

Easy to Sign Up with BitOpps

Before you even start trading, you have to go through a process of registration in which you have to provide essential details to the broker for multiple reasons. Only then will you be able to start your trading business. This process is important, and many legitimate brokers do ask for your information, so you do not face any security concerns in the future.

BitOpps website

All of this is good for traders till you handle them lengthy forms to fill the data required. Many traders prefer short forms registrations and usually hesitate to fill the long forms because it takes their precious time. The time-consuming process may lead the broker to lose a customer. Moreover, it isn’t good for the customer as well. It is because the crypto market is pretty volatile, and the market rises and goes down in short time. So long registrations may lead them to lose a chance to earn profits.

If we talk about BitOpps, then this broker has kept the registration process less time taking. As you open the BitOpps website, the first thing you need to do is to get onto the registration option. As you click on that, a short form will emerge on your screen that will ask you for some basic information. The form asks you about your first and last name, phone number, email address, and the currency in which you will trade. There are four currency options available, and those are USD, GBP, and EUR. Now the only thing left is to agree with the terms and conditions of the broker, and you will get registered with the broker in no time. This process only takes a few minutes, unlike other brokers that keep gaining the data, which isn’t even required.

Diverse Options in Crypto Assets

The limited asset index present on any brokerage firm discourages the trader from choosing it. It is because the traders get limited options that may eventually impact their trading portfolios negatively. This is why the investors are always searching for a broker that has various options in assets.

Also, not everyone wants to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. There are multiple other coins that emerged after the creation of Bitcoin. Nearly 5000 cryptocurrencies exist at the moment, and many of them are in the market. The presence of other cryptocurrencies has actually attracted traders with low investments. Apart from popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, many digital assets exist that are affordable and have a chance to grow in the near future.

The reason why people go for cryptocurrencies is pretty simple. Cryptocurrencies have a higher tendency of giving profits because of their volatile nature. That is why BitOpps offers a number of cryptocurrencies to investors so they can make a choice of their own according to their level as a trader and their budget. Along with well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, BitOpps also offers Litecoin, Ripple, DASH, and Bitcoin Cash. You can see that this broker has added valuable crypto assets, and some of them are affordable too. All these digital coins have different qualities and specialties.

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency and is known to the world. Its value is increasing day by day, and its investors do get some extraordinary profits. One of the greatest examples of its acceptance is that PayPal now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. The same goes for Ethereum. Ethereum is also a highly valued digital coin that competes with the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Then we have Litecoin; this coin was one of the first coins to appear after the creation of Bitcoin. This digital coin is reliable and has great value. It is faster and lighter than Bitcoin.

BitOpps crypto assets


Ripple as a crypto asset is getting popular day by day in the financial sector. It has a stable record in the past, and many banks support this asset. Not only this, but Ripple is also affordable to the traders with low investments who hope to receive good profits out of this cryptocurrency. DASH as a digital asset is on rising in popularity because of its privacy and security. If you prefer to be anonymous while trading, then DASH is the best option for you. The last is Bitcoin Cash which is comparatively a new cryptocurrency but has the potential to grow enormously. This coin is lighter and faster than Bitcoin and is more affordable to transact.

Security at BitOpps

One of the principal features of any brokerage firm is its security. The reason why people prefer secure platforms is because they cannot compromise over their money and identity. It is a fact that cybercrimes are on growing from the time the internet has encouraged a number of industries to build their online platforms. Especially when you are an online trader, you are not only sensitive about your identity but your money as well.

Like legitimate brokers, BitOpps also acquire some essential personal data from the traders in documents. It is not because they want to use them for themselves, but they need such information to implement some of the policies that guarantee to the traders that the platform is secure. These policies are KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy. These two policies are there to safeguard individuals’ money and identities. The KYC policy ensures that the trader’s account is safe from identity thefts, and that is the reason that the broker keeps the check from time to time on the users and requires information from them so that no other person can access the account. Furthermore, the AML policy prevents the money of the investors to be used in terrorist funding. By implementing this policy, the traders are ensured that their money is only used for trading purposes and not in any illegal activities.

An Effective Platform for Trading

The platform any brokerage firm offers is of great importance. It is because it is the interface between the investor and the brokerage firm. You always make sure that the platform you are selecting is portable or not. It means that the trading platform allows you to trade through multiple devices. Moreover, as a trader, you need some modern tools on your main interface screen that can help you excel in the trading business.

When we talk about BitOpps, then this platform has multiple features already. It contains some of the advanced tools that can really help you to become a successful trader. Additionally, with the appealing graphics of the broker, you can also find a second language option that can attract traders who do not understand or speak English but German. Not only this, but the broker’s platform is available to you on the devices like Desktop, Laptop, and mobile. You can comfortably carry out all your trading-related practices when you are a part of BitOpps.

In addition, this broker has also added features like crypto signals, video chart analysis, and glossary. When it is about crypto signals, then the expert staff of BitOpps gathers the essential data from crypto markets to generate signals. These signals really help the investors in taking decisions like what asset to buy or sell at what time and how much they should invest in the trading.

On the other hand, the video charts give investors a clearer picture and help traders make strategies and techniques according to the ups and downs in the market.

Unlike expert traders, there are novice traders too who want to try their luck in the trading world. For them, it is important to learn the trading terms because only on these terms and money, the trading business works. Also, the glossary is specially added for those traders who aren’t into trading for quite a long time.

The user-friendly platform of BitOpps offers access to multiple markets to the traders. Moreover, here as a trader, you will be getting price alerts, daily reviews, trading signals, trading charts, historical reports, and much more if you go for it as a broker.

Free Educational Program

The most significant quality of any broker in the eyes of a new trader is an educational program offered by the broker. It is because the ones with zero knowledge of trading are too interested in gaining some massive profits through trading, but that is only possible if they learn how to trade. Educational programs offered at the brokerage firms aid the traders to earn and learn at the same time. Such educational programs are beneficial for traders to attain success in the trading market.

BitOpps also offers an educational program that contains tons of resources to help the new ones to polish their skills. Their education section consists of videos that are full of knowledge. Videos related to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, the stock market, the altcoin market, Ethereum, and blockchain are there.

Moreover, a guide to using web traders is also present in the education portion of this website. These videos are not more than 4 minutes. After watching these videos, you may gain some important information about trading.

Trading Accounts

The availability of multiple trading accounts on any broker is vital. This quality of the broker actually invites all types of traders to buy and sell and earn profits. With millions of online traders in the market, the demands vary a lot, and it is not easy for the brokers to deal with them on a single platform. Also, the traders get assisted by the firm according to their level of expertise. No expert trader would like to get treated like a novice trader and vice versa. To make things easy and simple for everyone, BitOpps has come up with multiple trading account options. The services provided on every trading account are different from each other. You can choose the trading account according to your budget and choice. These options vary and start from a beginner level and end with the professional market level. Not every trader knows everything related to trading, and that is the reason to give multiple account options to the traders. The broker offers six account types to the traders, which are explained individually below:

  • Basic Account

The Basic account is for those traders who wish to learn about trading. To open this account, you have to make a deposit of $1,000. As you deposit the money, you will get access to all the services offered at Basic account type. Here in the Basic account, you will be granted an educational center that will help you know more and more about trading strategies. Moreover, you get live support and some basic price alerts to assist you in trading. This account has been kept short and simple because traders on this account are there only to gain knowledge.

  • Bronze Account

The Bronze account comes with more services. To open this account, you need to deposit an amount of $10,000. When you are ready to trade and have the basic level knowledge of trading, you should go with this account type. Here in the Bronze account, you will have access to the educational center, live support, and basic level price alerts. Also, you are provided with a senior manager who will be there to assist you in your business.

  • Silver Account

When you have an intermediate level of understanding about trading, you should go with the Silver account. The Silver account can be opened up by investing a capital of $25,000. Here you have access to multiple services like one on one trading Trainer, live support, Pro level price alerts, daily market reviews, and Exclusive position access. Not only this, but you are also provided with a senior account manager, access to a range of markets, costumed analytics, and a personalized trading strategy.

  • Gold Account

The Gold account type has all the services offered in the silver account except that this account type gives you access to the premier events that are of much importance. This account type can be opened up by investing an amount of $50,000.

  • Platinum Account

The Platinum account is for the traders who are ready to invest and buy in the complex market. This account type gives you upgrades all the services to a VIP level. Except for the premier events, you have all the VIP level services that are already explained in the previous account types. You can open this trading account by investing $100,000.

  • Black Account

To open this account type, you have to get in touch with the account manager provided. The account manager provided by BitOpps will guide you to get access to this account type. Along with the premier events, all the other services provided by BitOpps are upgraded to VIP level, so it is for the expert trader of this account to trade in the most complex environment.

Customer Support

BitOpps’s customer support, along with all the other features, is exceptional too. There are three alternative ways to get in touch with the firm’s staff for any possible issue you face. The dedicated staff is there to aid you in all the possible ways. The first approach is to call them directly on the number they have provided on their website. The second is to send them an email related to all the queries you have. The third way to get them is to fill a form; this form will gather your basic information and ask for the possible problem you face on the platform. The firm will reach you in no time to help you solve the issue. However, the availability of customer support staff is from 7 am to 2 pm UK timing.


The above BitOpps review article may have helped you to reach a decision. To be a successful trader, you can go with this broker and completely rely on them whenever required.

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