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BTC-Trends Review – Top Reasons To Sign Up With This Broker

BTC-Trends Review

BTC-Trends logoIf you are planning to increase your financial earnings through online trading, then you are on the right track. Online trading has become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more people are interested in starting their online trading businesses. But to begin, they need to choose a platform where they can trade. Those platforms are called brokers or exchanges. BTC-Trends is also a broker that allows investors to invest in the assets of their choice to earn massive profits. This BTC-Trends review is an in-depth study of the features of the broker. It will guide you properly by covering all the essential aspects.

The constant technological advancements have allowed many businesses to sell their services through digital platforms. Likewise, online brokers came into the market to facilitate the traders. In addition, the arrival of cryptocurrencies further gave such platforms a boom as most online investors are interested in investing in digital assets.

Now, trading is not only for those who are completely aware of all the tricks and techniques of trading business but also for those who have years of experience and are knowledgeable about all the ups and downs of different financial markets. Not just the internet has entirely changed the trading dynamics, but it also has enabled many individuals to earn money through online trading.

As a trader, you must take multiple factors into consideration before making a final decision about the broker. It is because cybercriminals are present everywhere in the online financial industry. An as an online investor, you really can’t give up on your money or identity. Analyzing the broker through reviews is yet an essential part before getting registered with a broker. It is actually the reason that you are reading this BTC-Trends review.

I must tell you that BTC-Trends is a broker that can aid you in the best possible way. It is an award-winning trading platform that has some extraordinary features that can assist customers in their trading businesses. I will be covering those features in the following headings.

Versatile Trading Platform

Before we discuss the BTC-Trends’s platform, let us just learn what actually is a platform. You can define it as software, more precisely an interface between the company and the consumer. Through this interface, you can do all your trading-related activities.

A trader always expects the trading platform to be enriched with multiple advanced tools. Not only this, but investors do consider the platform’s speed and graphics as an important factor. Also, platforms that are easy to use do attract all levels of traders.

BTC-Trends website

Whenever you choose a broker, you always make sure that the platform offers a wide range of facilities. You must also ensure that the broker should be able to provide you with tons of tools. The availability of multiple services and instruments can lead traders to be successful. The platform type can also affect traders’ choices.

When the discussion is about BTC-Trends, it is a web-based platform that offers its customers various options. Because it is a web-based platform, you do not need to install it. But through any web browser, you can access it to carry out your trade. In addition, you can sell and purchase the assets through any of the gadgets. You are not restricted to using Laptops or PCs, but you can also utilize mobile phones. It is only possible because the developers of this platform have made sure that it is portable.

For several traders, the portability of any platform matters a lot. It is because some of the traders are constantly on the move, and they cannot carry their laptops everywhere. For such traders, trading through mobile is the best option, and unlike other renowned brokers, BTC-Trends allows you to do that.

If we talk about the tools available here at BTC-Trends, then there are too many to mention. The broker keeps the customers up to date by providing financial news and daily analysis. Also, this broker offers you fundamental data and actionable insights that can surely help you to learn some essential techniques related to trading. Learning trading techniques is highly beneficial to traders because they really help traders excel financially within less time.

BTC-Trends has also introduced coaching on which inexperienced traders can learn trading through videos and free lessons. Most novice traders usually give up on online brokers because they do not find the platforms assisting traders with no knowledge. As far as BTC-Trend is concerned, then this broker is exceptional when it is about guiding the new ones that are even struggling with the basics of trading. The excellent staff of this broker is there to give their assistance to the customers so that they can become experts too in no time.

BTC-Trends is a brokerage firm that provides its services around the globe. Since it is accessible to customers from multiple countries, it has kept numerous language options. The broker understands that there must be users from other parts of the world who are unable to understand English. To remove the language barrier, the broker has given other languages options that you can change.

Robust Security Framework

There may be not a single trader who will not consider the security of the trading platform as the most significant concern. It is because the trading business is about purchasing and selling assets which includes capital. Moreover, the ongoing crimes will not end any time soon and will increase with time. For you as a trader, it is crucial to select a broker that has a secure environment.

If you want the idea to judge the security standards of any trading platform, you must make sure that it does follow AML and KYC policy. AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy is an internationally recognized security policy. It deals with the traders’ money being used only for trading purposes. On the other hand, KYC policy is there to prevent identity thefts.

BTC-Trends security


The security measures on BTC-Trends are reliable. You can trust this broker with your money and identity. It follows both the KYC and AML policy to assure robust security systems for the customers. From time to time, the broker may ask you to submit some of your personal data and documents so they can make sure that the person they are entertaining is their customer, not a hacker. This broker knows how to protect your sensitive data and personal information. You can completely trust this broker with your money and information.

Customer Support Service

Before making a decision about the broker, you must make sure that it provides you with commendable customer care services. It is because, as a trader, you always acquire some kind of assistance from the broker. At a time where you need to make a tough decision, or at a time where you come across any problem within the broker and so on, in such situations, you always rely on the broker.

Customer care services are vital because they help customers in their time of need. Whether you’ve heard of a rise in any specific market or your thousands of dollars are at stake, BTC-Trends is there to assist you. The competent staff of BTC-Trends is best at providing answers to all the issues traders face. They provide an excellent guide to such difficulties.

Now you may ask that how should we get into contact with the broker directly. The answer is pretty simple; you have alternative ways of contacting the broker. You can choose any of the methods to approach the firm. The first way to contact the broker is to call on the numbers the broker has provided. If you are unable to contact the staff because of the busy lines, just leave your number, and they will call you back. The callback option is a great relief for traders who are comfortable in sharing their problems through calls.

The second way to contact them is to compose an email to the email address provided on the website. In this email, you should be mentioning all the queries properly so that they can give you the answers accordingly.

The third way to approach them is to reach their office. The address of the firm is Beachmont Business Center, 136, Beachmont box 1510, Kingstown, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines.

The fourth way and yet the last method of approaching this firm is through the form already present on the firm’s contact us page. This form gathers information such as your full name, email address, the subject of the problem you are going to write, and the message you want to send. As you are done with this process, the broker will get back to you with a number of solutions.

The customer support of BTC-Trends is available 24 hours a day and five days a week. As a trader, you can trade through this platform with peace of mind. You really do not need to worry about the problems you face on the platform. For the staff of this broker, no problem is minor or significant. For them, every issue faced by any customer is important. This broker makes sure to solve your concerns effectively and efficiently.

Multiple Account Options

There are many investors who do not get themselves registered on trading platforms that do not have multiple account options. When it is about the novice traders, they usually leave platforms with no account types because they are not aware of multiple things which are related to trading. Such traders look for a platform that can provide them facilities according to their level. No new trader will select an account type that has tons of features. It is because such services are beyond their understanding and also they do not know how to make use of it.

On the other hand, there are multiple seasoned traders who do leave the platforms with no account options. It is because such traders always need features and tools that a broker can provide to them, which can eventually increase their trading profits.

When you are here to learn about BTC-Trends, then I must tell you that this broker offers five different account options to the customers. All five account types are different from each other. The account types start from a basic level and end with the professional level in the last account type. The five account types offered by BTC-Trends are following:

  • Micro Account

The Micro account type is for the traders who just entered the trading business and have pretty little knowledge about all the ups and downs of the market. To open this account, you have to pay the initial deposit, which is around 5,000. Account-holders of micro accounts get daily analysis and also the Mobile and Desktop trader facility. Also, these traders can get access to the video tutorial through which they can learn more about trading. Along with that, a 24/5 customer aid is available to these customers so they can ask for help whenever required.

  • Bronze Account

The bronze account is for those investors who know the basics of trading and have little knowledge about multiple markets. To open a Bronze account, you need to deposit 25,000. In this account type, you get daily analysis, video tutorials, and 24/5 customer support. A dedicated account manager is also provided to the customers of this account type. This account manager will help you to make better decisions in trading. In addition, you also get access to webinars and seminars, which help you to learn trading and its techniques in a professional environment.

  • Silver Account

Silver account is designed for those traders who have an intermediate level of experience with the trading business. The minimum deposit you need to invest in this account type is 75,000. If you get access to this account type, you will get facilities like Video tutorials, Premium daily analysis, daily analysis, desktop, and mobile trader, webinars, and seminars access. Also, you will get a dedicated account manager who will be helping you out throughout your journey as a trader here on BTC-Trends.

  • Gold Account

The Gold account type is for the traders who are experienced in the field of trading. Gold account holders are aware of all the ups and downs in multiple markets. These traders have tons of investments that they can invest to earn enormous profits. When the discussion is about facilities, then through this account type, you can get access to the video tutorials that are available to guide the traders. Also, you get 24 hours’ customer support service. Along with the daily analysis, the firm gives you access to the Premium Daily Analysis. Not only this, but you also get a Premium Customer support service in this account type.

To open the Gold account, you need to deposit 150,000. The firm is there to provide you with an account manager who will guide you in the best way possible to make more and more profits. You also get the facility of Mobile and Desktop Trader. Access to webinars/Seminars and Trading central can really help you to move forward in this industry. When you learn through experts in a professional environment, you will get ahead in less time.

  • Platinum Account

The platinum account is for traders who are market professionals themselves. This account can be opened up by investing a minimum capital of 150,000. To hear about the benefits of this account type, the firm has given an option to contact the account manager. This account manager will let you know about all the necessary details which this account type carries.


This BTC-Trends review has covered multiple aspects of this brokerage firm. It is surely a trustable broker on which people can trust with their money and personal details. Despite the presence of several cheaters and crooks in the market, BTC-Trends has made sure that its security is of high standards. It is because this broker knows how the security of any trading platform can impact traders’ choices. Moreover, the broker loves to see its consumers working in a secure environment without worrying about their personal information.

The platform itself is pretty comfortable to handle. BTC-Trends consist of a platform that is user-friendly. Not only on Desktop or Laptop, but you can also make use of the platform through mobile phones. The web-based platform of this broker is fast and responsive. There are no glitches that can disturb you while carrying out your trading practices.

You can entirely rely on the customer support staff of this broker because they are there to solve your issues. Issues can be as small as opening an account. And they can be as big as making a tough decision related to a huge investment.

The fact is BTC-Trends has impressed customers through its extraordinary services. Also, because the broker is true to its words and implements what it says, well, now I can say that your doubts about this brokerage firm are cleared, and you are done with your research. Without a doubt, selecting BTC-Trends as an ultimate trading partner can lead you to excel in the trading world.

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