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Bubblext Review – Is Bubblext Scam or Legit?

BubbleXT Review

Over the years, trading has evolved to a stage where you can easily buy and sell the instrument of your choice without lifting your finger. There was a time when trading was a lot more complicated and involved a lot of effort on the part of the trader. Moreover, there were prerequisites and requirements to be fulfilled, which could result in a lot of hassle. This was all before technology was introduced and brought change. These days, online trading has become the norm and people from every corner of the world are trading hundreds or thousands of instruments as per their preference.

The trading world provides lots of opportunities and the best part is that you don’t have to comply with any requirements to take advantage of them. But, in order to make your way into the trading world, you do need a broker. With the growth of online trading, online brokers have also increased in number because they are the ones that provide all the services you need. You can search for a broker and it will present you with lots of options to explore, but it is important to remember that not all brokers are created equal.

Is Bubblext Scam or Legit?

Some brokers will provide you with great customer support, but may not have a good trading platform. Likewise, some have high trading fees and commission, but offer good security. This doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise somewhere. There are some brokers that do provide you an all-in-one solution, but the only way to know is by assessing the broker properly. There are certain things that you need to know about the broker to arrive at a conclusion. This is something you need to do in the case of BubbleXT as well. Founded in Zurich, Switzerland, this broker specializes in forex and CFD trading and is an STP broker, which ensures there are no conflicting interests. In short, BubbleXT is NOT a scam.

On the surface, it will come off as quite appealing, but you need to be thorough before you decide in favor of it. What should you know about BubbleXT? Take a look at the questions below:

  • Which trading instruments can you find?

To start with, the most important feature of a broker is their asset index. You need to what instruments they are offering to you, especially if you want to diversify your portfolio. If their options are too limited, it is best to look for a different broker altogether than have to make compromises. BubbleXT claims to offer 450 trading instruments on their platform and they have certainly lived up to this claim. You will find a huge variety to choose from, which includes forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, including soft and hard commodities, and cryptocurrencies. You can also trade bonds, futures and mutual funds when you choose this broker.

  • What kind of security do they offer?

It is also crucial to consider a broker’s security features before trusting them because if they are lax in any way, it will put you at risk. You will be vulnerable as cybercriminals can steal your identity, sell your information or take your money. BubbleXT has taken the safety of your money and the security of your information very seriously. They keep segregated accounts for their clients and keep all funds in cold storage. As for keeping information safe, they protect your account with two-factor authentication and use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for your emails and every other communication. They also monitor your IP address and other account activity to ensure there is nothing serious.

  • How can you register?

Registering with a broker is a requirement for you to open an account with them. Most traders are intimidated by the complicated steps involved with registration, but you will not see any of that with BubbleXT. They have a very short registration form that you need to fill on their website. It asks for your first and last name and the password you wish to use. Plus, you have to choose the currency you prefer. Two options are given, which are EUR and GBP, and you can choose from one of them. Completing this form means you are registered and can open an account with the broker.

  • Which account options are available?

To cater to different kinds of traders, brokers usually incorporate different types of accounts on their platforms and it also applies to BubbleXT. Since they have not directed their services at a specific type of traders, they have developed five account options to accommodate everyone. These five options include the Silver, Gold, Platinum, Signature and VIP accounts. Each account has a different minimum deposit requirement that a trader will have to meet. It starts with 10,000 for the first account, 25,000, 50,000, 250,000 and 500,000 for the rest.

As far as account features are concerned, some of them are available in each account like 1 on 1 training, 24/7 customer support, trading news and education center. But, some features like trading algorithm, private banking, credit line and personal VIP account managers are provided in some accounts. You can go over the options and choose an account that works with your trading style.

  • Do they offer any assistance and support?

During trading, customers will require help at some point due to which brokers should add support and assistance options for their needs. BubbleXT ensures that its clients will be able to get help as quickly as possible. Therefore, they have developed an FAQ section with answers to questions and have added channels that can be used for reaching out to their team. These include phone number, online contact form and email address. Any of these can be used for speaking to their representatives to get help. There is also an education center where traders can learn different techniques and strategies to help with the trading process.

Bottom Line

As long as you have done your research and considered all the important factors, you will realize that BubbleXT can offer you want you require on one platform.

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