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Cardano Blockchain Conducts its first-ever ICO with Flying Colors

At press time, Cardano (ADA) has managed to get the upper hand on Dogecoin. Currently priced at $1.52 with a 35% hourly uptrend, the cryptocurrency seems to be doing very well. This change in the cryptocurrency’s price is not a mere incident. The third-generation blockchain that is willing to serve as a unilateral ecosystem for other digital assets has debuted its first-ever host with resounding success.

Revuto, a new DeFi protocol with an aggregative use case, has summarized its current token sale summary. It seems that the altcoin, Revu, has managed to become a showstopper. A tweet from the official account of Revuto shows that the entity managed to raise about $10 million within a matter of 42 minutes on the community forum.

The Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson has often shown ambition to qualify the cryptocurrency as the Ethereum killer. Yesterday, ETH went down more than 50%, shocking all investors and disproving theories about the ultimate flippening. At the same time, many crypto investors have criticized the high gas fees on the blockchain and want to look for better options. It seems like Cardano has managed to make a good impression in the market with Revuto. 

Under 90 minutes, the Revuto coin was exposed to different levels of investors who showed an overwhelming interest in digital assets. The Revuto management is so enthusiastic that it shared the aim to get into the top 100 and then top 10 cryptocurrencies as soon as possible. During the ICO, the transaction traffic clogged the Yoroi-wallet for end users, who felt some issues with successfully conducting their trade.  

Revuto Team Warns Investors about Potential Fraud Attempts

Amidst the successful trading of the Revuto coin, many bad actors also tried to take advantage of the situation and scam new traders. The Revuto Twitter account published a warning to all investors to inform them that no team member would try to contact the investor personally and ask them to transfer funds to a private crypto wallet. 

Many malefactors tried to create hype over the Revuto ICO with ADA. However, this hype was generated by groups of scammers who were using phishing messages and social media spamming to lure in unsuspecting victims. There have not been any official reports about scammers getting away with any investor’s money for the time being.

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