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Chainlink (LINK) Launches a New Developer Platform

According to Kemal El Moujahid, the chief executive officer at chainlink labs, the decentralized platform has reported the introduction of a new platform to connect traditional web applications with decentralized applications.

The introduced developer platform, Chainlink Functions, will incorporate integrations with amazon web, and Meta is now accessible in beta on the ETH Sepolia and the polygon Mumbai testnets. In addition, developers can also operate personalized automation on a web 2.0 application programming interface within a short period.

Kemal El Moujahid announced and emphasized that the company aims to allow developers to consolidate the best web3 attractive agreements with the potential web 2.0 application programming interface. This establishment creates a huge opportunity to develop applications integrating the smartest contracts and web 2.0.

Complements to Oracle Services

According to the company, the introduced developer platform will supplement chainlink’s current Oracle infrastructure. The developer platform will allow blockchain technology engineers to link their decentralized applications or attractive agreements with any API within the traditional technology ecosystem without demanding or governing a supplementary cloud structure.

Introducing this function will eliminate challenges that hinder the adoption of web3 and make it more convenient for developers to consolidate attractive agreements with the potential application programming interfaces and web2 infrastructure.

Bridging the Gap Between Different Ecosystems

The chief executive officer of the chainlink labs, Kemal El Moujahid, purported that the company is famous for its ETH-based network that offers an oracle protocol to boost attractive agreements.

Generally, the company enables linking on-chain data with different systems, enabling attractive agreements to initiate transactions focused on real-time outputs and inputs. As a result, the company has so far enhanced more than seven trillion dollars in value.

Currently, the chainlink labs possess developers accounting for hundreds and thousands, and it also ascertains that there are millions of developers around the globe. The company anticipates it can become a link, bridging communities and fostering mass adoption.

Recently, there have been increasing concerns about consolidating blockchain innovation with other traditional infrastructures like SaaS or application programming interfaces. Although, there are a few approaches to fostering these combinations.

Web3 specialists are restricted by what attractive agreements can perform since they cannot utilize web 2.0 application programming interfaces. Web 2.0 specialists are focused on developing new services similar to web3 features but don’t want to redevelop their infrastructure and tools.

Linking with Other Platforms

The company’s new initiative also supports integration with Meta and amazon web services and others. As a result, web 3.0 specialists utilizing the newly introduced platform can effortlessly link with amazon web services information exchange and amazon web services Lambda.

That will enable them to access information sets directly via their marketplace. As a result, it extends its decentralized application utilization cases.

Simultaneously, Meta developers can access social activity and minor e-commerce-based enterprises with attractive agreements via chainlink operations. Furthermore, they can initiate actions on the network depending on customer off-chain actions.

Attractive agreements allow developers to develop services that are decentralized and safe. Services that are relatable and convenient to its users since they can’t be shut down. Services are safe and can transfer billions of dollars of value.

However, these services cannot have real-time effects if they cannot be linked o web2 services or information. Moreover, the CEO concluded that the platform’s design indicates developers should not worry about the network’s security and management.

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