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Charles Hoskinson Expects A Huge FUD Prior To The Alonzo Hard Fork

Charles Hoskinson’s Cardano project is undoubtedly doing well. However, this is not to say that the creator hasn’t continuously faced a lot of backlash and criticism. He has thus stated that prior to the upcoming Alonzo hard fork, we should be ready for plenty of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) as this was the exact same situation prior to ‘Shelly’. Nevertheless, preparations have been made for September 12th, which is when the hard fork is expected to commence.

As always, Charles took to Twitter to voice his concerns, wherein he commented about the aforementioned FUD, before voicing the same concerns on Reddit as well as other forms of social media. Simply put, he stated that this kind of FUD is to be expected and that there really isn’t much that can be done about it besides just focusing on the work and the current goal, which is the Alonzo launch.

Not the first time

As abovementioned, this is not even the first case of Cardano being criticized as the project’s blockchain and the PoS system has long been the subject of heated debate in the crypto community. Charles reiterated that despite the recent FUD, there is, in fact, not much to be worried about as the goal remains the same, namely the successful launch of Alonzo. To that end, he reminded everyone that when the project’s Shelly upgrade was first about to be implemented, the same type of FUD had been created and spread around.

As such, the creator has stated that the wave of FUD that the Cardano community has been facing lately shouldn’t really come as a surprise. He added that there is no need to feel worried or threatened, as the main point of reassurance is the quality of Alonzo and what it is able to bring to the table.

64% of stake pools are prepared for Alonzo

It was recently revealed that, as of now, just below 65% of the stake pools are, in fact, fully upgraded and ready for the Alonzo upgrade. The target was to reach 70% by today, so the goal was largely achieved for the most part as other stake pools are reportedly going to be upgraded by the end of the day, with at least 80% being Alonzo-ready by September 12th.

Whether the actual launch itself shall be successful remains to be seen, but the Cardano community is hopeful that all will go well. No matter what happens now, it is clear that the eyes of the cryptocurrency sector shall be firmly fixated on Cardano when the date of the launch finally arrives.

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