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Craig Steven Wright And Bitcoin-related Businesses Legal Tussle

The ongoing legal battle between the programmer, who has publicly labeled himself as one of the individuals behind Bitcoin, and several Bitcoin-related firms have now taken a new turn. The whole fracas started when one of the Bitcoin funds labeled Craig wright as Satoshi- the man credited to be behind the Bitcoin brand.

Craig now took a step forward by using all the firms who have unauthorizedly used the Bitcoin branded whitepaper illegally, including Jack Dorsey’s payment company- Square. Unbounded Capital, one of the firms in partnership with Craig’s Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, has taken their time to onboard the public on Craig and his violators’ ongoing battle.

Unbounded Capital stand by Craig in his pursuit

In a report last week, Craig Wright, the Co-founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, had taken,, and to court over the unauthorized usage of the Bitcoin white paper on their platforms and for lack of proper permission. In a new press release on their website, Unbounded Capital has claimed that the new development did not come as a shock to them as they believe that Craig rightfully deserves to claim all rights affiliated with Bitcoin, as they believe he is the creator of the digital asset.

The capital firm fully stands with Craig and wants justice to be served. Craig has proclaimed himself as the main person behind Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other related products affiliated to the Bitcoin network. He is optimistic that he will come out victorious in the legal battle. Craig has now given the parties involved, including Square, two weeks ultimatum to respond or else face further consequences. In his legal proceedings, Craig has demanded to be compensated for the illegal use of the Bitcoin white paper and libel and defamation of character.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash seemed not to be affected by the legal battle

In Craig’s legal proceedings, the programmer had made it clear that using the Bitcoin whitepaper is not a problem to him. Still, he is not comfortable with people who are passing off its competitors as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Craig and the Bitcoin businesses’ legal battle has seemed not to have taken a shine on the token itself or its altcoin, Bitcoin Cash, as they have bought been doing well in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin has attained ATH at prices amidst several price fluctuations. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash has been listed amongst the altcoin raising the bar this year. The end of the legal tussle is not looking to be near. However, investors’ major concern is that the battle does not negatively affect token prices in any form.

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