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Cristiano Ronaldo in Alliance with Binance Unveiled CR7 NFT

Binance has partnered with one of the football star players Cristiano Ronaldo to unveil a unique soccer CR7 Non-Fungi Token(NFT). The company has disclosed that Cristiano Ronaldo(CR)’s original NFT exhibition will be created and listed on November 18, 2022. CR7 NFT will only be accessible on Binance, the world’s significant blockchain ecosystem, and crypto exchange.

Binance collaboration with C. Ronaldo is a step towards achieving its massive plan of annexing every industry to promote crypto. A transnational push will boost the tremendous takeoff. Ronaldo will be permitted to utilize CR7 NFTs to stimulate Web3 to his numerous fans all over the globe.

The company’s Head of marketing and promotions He Yi, said, “We speculate that metaverse and blockchain are the prospects of the internet. Therefore, the company is excited to work with Ronaldo to enlighten individuals and institutions. The features and advantages of blockchain technology will be revealed to the populace during this campaign.”

Characteristics of the CR7 NFT

CR will launch his NFT on Friday at 9am via Binance. The NFT collection will consist of 7 invigorated collectibles with four aberration categories that will be sold. The aberration categories are SSR which implies Super Super Rare; SR, which implies Super Rare (SR), Rare (R); and Normal.

The seven collectibles will illustrate remarkable exhibitions in Ronaldo’s career and other memorable moments. The NFTs will focus on his professional career in various clubs and his shaping years in Portugal.

The company has outlined the Benefits of having CR7 NFTs, and they include; having permission to receive all prospect CR7 airdrops. Also, unrestricted access will be granted to CR7 NFT holders to unlock mystery boxes and special access to giveaways. In addition, other benefits will be revealed on Friday after the launch.

Binance Set to Auction CR7 NFT

The company has announced that CR7 NFT will be sold on the Binance NFT marketplace. The company will auction five SSR and forty SRs within 24 hours. However, NFTs will be allotted to the highest bidder after the campaign’s conclusion. The opening bid rate for SSR is 10,000 BUSD, while the SR opening price is 1,700 BUSD.

After the auction, 600 Rs and 6,000 Ns will be listed for sale at 77 BUSD. In addition, recent users of the Binance exchange will be rewarded with a C R mystery Box when they complete their verification. The gift will be accessible to the first 1.5 million new users that created their account using RONALDO as the referral ID.

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