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Crypto Searches On Google Spiked To A New All-Time High

Despite recent complications, the overall interest for cryptocurrency and crypto-related items, products, and services has not stopped increasing for a while now, as various retail investors took it upon themselves to ensure that the number of searches pertaining to cryptocurrency on the widely popular search engine known as Google manages to reach a new ATH (all-time high).

The cryptocurrency industry and its recent events had caught the eye of many retail traders worldwide. Thanks to the efforts on the part of these investors, Google trends analytics and data have displayed a renewed interest in cryptocurrency as crypto searches skyrocketed to all-new levels. The searches were on a variety of different topics, such as but not limited to environmental and ecosystem-related issues as well as whether investors should consider selling or buying at varying timeframes.

Cryptocurrency is not going anywhere

The crypto industry is perhaps one of if not the most volatile and unpredictable global industry as far as anyone can remember, and it has certainly seen its fair share of uncertainty in the past and present. Still, this has not prevented individuals from wanting to get involved in one of the most popular topics of interest in the world today, one that has captured the imagination of millions as well as continuously received mainstream media attention.

This was all further proven by the recent spike in Google searches relating to cryptocurrency, as the world’s biggest and most used search engine shed some light on key analytics and details regarding cryptocurrency-related issues and queries. Most of the queries had been about the recent market crash, a search that had seen an increase of 850% in a very short amount of time. This was followed by searches based around ‘should I consider selling off my crypto,’ which saw an increase of about 400% around the same time. Lastly, individuals are increasingly concerned with the impact that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have on the environment, with crypto-mining often referred to as being hazardous to the ecosystem.

Reasons as to why cryptocurrency searches and demand have increased

Predictably, one of the biggest reasons has to do with the fluctuating prices. Many investors have been known to ‘buy at the dip and sell at the tip,’ which simply means that they buy crypto assets when the prices are lowered and sell them for profit when the prices rise.

This had resulted in increased attention from the media, as many billionaires (such as Elon Musk and Mark Cuban) and key financial institutions alike began investing heavily into cryptocurrency over the course of the last decade. Naturally, the government became increasingly involved as well during this time, with many regulators and government officials constantly wanting to exhibit some kind of control on one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

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