Exchange Reviews Review: Ultimate Guide 2020 Review is an award trading platform that bridges the cryptocurrency and traditional assets with a layer of blockchain. is a first-ever tokenized securities exchange out there and is trusted by thousands of traders and investors across the world. In this detailed review, you will find everything about


– Introduction to – Tokenized Securities Exchange
– Use Crypto to Trade non-digital Assets
– Buy and Trade Crypto
– Tokenized Assets
– How to Start Trading with
– Demo Account
– Security is Priority
– Unlimited Tools to Assist in Trading
– Privacy of Users’ data
– Supported Countries
– Withdrawal Methods
– Deposits
– Commission and Fees
– Education Portal for Beginners
– Intuitive and Friendly Interface
– Mobile Application
– Referral and Affiliate Program
– Experienced Team Behind the Company
– Good Support
– Conclusion

Introduction to – Tokenized Securities Exchange is the tokenized securities exchange established in Minsk, Belarus, providing tokenized assets to users for trading. You have a diverse list for trading at your doorstep from the digital assets to blockchain-based traditional assets. The fully regulated platform, with crypto-in and crypto-out options, gives you unlimited opportunities for making money.

Tokenized assets are those assets that are backed by blockchain technology and actually exist as the mirror representations of the traditional assets such as stocks, commodities, indices, and shares. Security tokens, on the other hand, are full-time on-chain tokens and cannot exist off-chain.

The cryptocurrencies are also available for investors and for those users who especially interested in cryptocurrency trading. Top-rated digital currencies are listed for users such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS (EOS), Cardano (ADA), Dash (DASH), Stellar (XLM), and NEM (XEM). is the first-ever exchange that builds a flexible connection between the digital and traditional assets. Another distinct feature is the leverage up to 1:500. Currently, they are offering more than 1300 tokenized assets for its live account customers. With stop-loss orders, risk management is done beautifully resulting in a minimum loss in case of unsuccessful trades.

Use Crypto to Trade non-digital Assets

It is the best opportunity for crypto holders as they can invest in cryptocurrency for off-chain markets such as Oil, Apple, DAX, and many others. Any physical asset can be tokenized by embracing DLT technology to make it more reliable, and easy, to buy fraction instead of a full entity.

One does not need to convert crypto into fiat to invest in shares, stocks, commodities, and indices. Instead, the cryptocurrency can be accepted as the deposit amount. Similarly, the profit can be withdrawn into crypto wallets directly and no need to swap crypto with fiat.

This is a rare trading site, and you will not confront any site of this kind where stocks, commodities, shares, or bonds trade via cryptocurrency. This platform is equally attractive for both traders and investors interested in tokenized products. The tokens are just mirror representations of the traditional assets. This will help investors to buy products even in fractions, thus making whole things simple, and reliable using the blockchain technology and state of the art algorithm.

Buy and Trade Crypto

The stunning thing about the platform is that users can buy digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin) directly with their credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa. Trading of both digital and traditional assets is possible with It is not only famous as the first tokenized securities platform, but it has also gained a reputation as the best cryptocurrency exchange out there. For its outstanding performance, won the award and has the vision to touch users present across the world.

The members of the trading platform can trade both fiat and digital currencies with no difficulty at all. To buy Bitcoin, you will place the order, and in case of a limit order, you will have to specify the exact figure for buying.

If you want to play big by getting leverage then you will be happy because offers leverage up to 20x on BTC. The leverage to 20x means you can trade with BTC twenty times more than your wallet funds and can earn a big profit as a result. However, user can risk all its amount by choosing this option in case of failure.

Tokenized Assets exposes you to world-top class non-chain markets via the crypto gateway. These products include tokenized indices (S&P 500, US 100, FTSE 100, EU 50 and others), tokenized commodities (Gold, Natural Gas, Silver, Platinum, palladium, and several others), tokenized shares (Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Twitter, and rest others), tokenized forex (EUR/USD, USD/RUB, GBP/USD, and a lot more), tokenized government bond (Belarus252/USD), and cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, many more).

These above-mentioned products are top-rated ones and the whole list is listed on the website. With so many tokenized assets available, becomes the first-ever exchange of its kind. It is an award-winning trading platform that equips its customers with a chance to enter into financial markets via cryptocurrency. For the future, the company has a plan to add more than 10,000 assets to its directory.

The leverage is very exceptional for some products, which is very much high than its competitors. For example, for tokenized indices and commodities, the leverage is up to 1:100. Currently, the tokenized traded products are limited in amount but are top rated. In the future, they will add more than 10,000 tokenized tradable products backed by blockchain.

How to Start Trading with

To start your journey with the tokenized securities exchange, you have to go through the registration procedure. After completing a few steps, you will be able to deposit funds and start making a profit as a result. For this purpose, you have to provide needed information about yourself such as name, address, residency, ID verification, and current address verification.

To complete the KYC process, you will have to pass through detailed procedures as the company is a regulated trading platform and follows strict AML and KYC policies.

After completing the registration procedure, you will be directed to the wallet section where you will add funds and at least, a minimum amount to start using the site. After feeding your account, all the services will open to you and you can officially start the trading process exploiting different tools and indicators.

Demo Account

The demo account by the company assists the beginners and new babies to learn how to use the platform. One can learn the strategies and risk-free management skills to perform better when trading with a live account. It is recommended for the new users to start with the practice account. This functionality makes unique than its competitors.

The demo account is not commonly found in the exchange world, and no one can offer such unique facilities with a practice account. This is the only that gives unlimited trading experience without charging any fee. gives you virtually 10 BTC to trade in different markets.

Security is Priority

The developers, backing the site, designed it exploiting the advance technology for the protection of funds. Since the day of its launch, not a single case of hacking or cybercrime attack is reported. This shows how the platform is encrypted thanks to its latest technology. The breaching or hacking attack is impossible as it has deployed the technology of a famous firm

It is a fully regulated tokenized securities exchange as it is compliant with the regulatory body of the Republic of Belarus. It is controlled and operated by the parent company ‘Currency Com Bel LLC.’ The platform protects the site from scammers by ensuring strong anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC). also complies with Belarusian 8th Decree on Development of Digital Economy, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and UK Financial Conduct Authority. Compliance with so many regulatory bodies comes at the final verdict that is a fully legislated trading platform for tokenized securities.

To ensure optimum security measures, two-factor authentication is enabled along with API keys availability. It also complies with the policies employed by Belarusian High Technology Park (Blockchain Regulator) based in Europe.

Unlimited Tools to Assist in Trading

Technical indicators are provided by the company to do a better technical analysis that has a great share in making successful trades. These technical indicators include 75 tools, such as Ichimoku and Bollinger Bands.

To predict future prices, traders do technical analysis exploiting the tools and charts. This technical analysis does better with top-rated various indicators and tools. adds prominent technical indicators for traders and investors. The trading charts, with various functions to draw charts, also help traders to do technical analysis predicting true price targets.

Privacy of Users’ data

The users expect from any firm or company to protect and hide personal data. The sharing of data with a third party can cause serious problems and result in scam attacks. But that’s the case with most of the exchanges and result in a bad experience on the part of customers. asks you to give the necessary information only for identification purposes. All the users’ data encrypted with advanced technology, leaving no chance of hijacking the data. The user’s privacy is the ultimate goal of the trading platform. Still, there is no case reported of privacy breaching to date. The artificial intelligence and blockchain encrypt the data in multiple layers resistant to breaking.

Supported Countries

We can say that it is the best trading platform for tokenized assets in Europe due to accessibility and easy payment options. The users from the United States cannot register for because it is not available in the US. This is due to the government’s strict rules and regulations, and the company does not comply with the US regulatory framework.

Some other countries are also forbidden to the tokenized exchange. These countries include Tunisia, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Trinidad, Tobago, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Ethiopia, Botswana, Bahamas, Cambodia, Iran, Ghana, and Bermuda.

However, the company can add those countries or regions in the future that are currently not included. As the platform is growing exponentially, there are more chances that US users will also take benefits from the tokenized securities exchange. You can also check the accessibility to your country by contacting the support team of the platform.

Withdrawal Methods

To withdraw funds, offers multiple ways including wire transfers, bank cards, and SEPA withdrawals. Crypto wallets are also compatible with withdrawing funds in crypto. The minimum withdrawal amount with Visa and MasterCard is fixed at 100 USD/EUR, while it is 50 USD/EUR when doing with a bank transfer.


If a person deposits amount via bank account, the company will not deduct any fees, and the whole process is commission-free. However, the payments occurred that through banks may take several days. To deposit funds in digital currency, the minimum deposit is 0.002 BTC, 0.05 BCH, 0.1 ETH or 0.2 LTC.

The minimum deposit amount with bank cards (Visa, MasterCard) is 100 USD/EUR, 7000 RUB, or 250 BYN. On the other hand, for bank transfers, the minimum deposit amount is set at 50 USD/EUR. If the funds do not receive into your wallet, you will have to send the confirmation of the bank transfer to They will respond to you on time and will take immediate action as a result.

Commission and Fees

Traders generally prefer those trading sites that have a wonderful fee package so that they work in a flexible environment. A flexible environment means competitive commission on trades that inspire traders to execute more trades. Overall, has a very competitive fee structure, and traders can fee easy while using the platform for trading.

For your kind information, the company charges two types of fees from users: one is service charges deduct by the exchange while other fees are cut at the time of deposits and withdrawals.


Fee Type



Platform Service


Fee (Percentage)

Trading Fee (leverage)


Cryptos Taker Fee                   0.075%


Cryptos Maker Fee                  -0.025%*


Tokenized Assets (Shares, ETFs, Indices, Commodities)                   0.0125%


Tokenized Currencies                   0.002%

Exchange Fee

Cryptos                   0.2%





Tokenized Assets (Shares, ETFs, Indices, Commodities)                   0.05%


Tokenized Bonds




Tokenized currencies                   1%**


Companies tokens       0% (buy), 1.5% (sell)

For traders and investors, set trading fees at very low, i.e. 0.2% for each trade. This fee framework is very outstanding, at least for tokenized securities exchange.

Deposit and Withdrawal Commission


Payment Method



Deposit Commission


Withdrawal Commission



                     3.5%              2.4%+3USD


                     3.5%              1.9%+3USD

Bank Transfer

                        – 0.15% (min 20 USD, max 150 USD)

Education Portal for Beginners

As the cryptocurrency is gaining popularity day by day, the trading of digital currencies is also attracting people all over the world. After they decide to do the selling and buying of cryptos as a profession, they will need a reliable platform for this purpose. They also need basic info to do these complex tasks such as technical analysis and many other things.

Currency. com specially dedicate a section for education where they inform about the basic information about tokenized assets, cryptocurrency, and other necessary information. The education section is also very informative to learn trading strategies and how top investors make money by adopting trading as a profession.

The ones who are new to the trading world, education about the field is very crucial if they want to become successful traders. The platform understands the complexity the new babies feel at the start. For this purpose, they establish the learning section so that illiterate traders can open their eyes and become masters in the trading world.

Intuitive and Friendly Interface

The user interface of the is easy to follow and integrated very well. The dynamic website infrastructure is user friendly, and there are no chances of any difficulty while using the website. Sometimes, traders feel pathetic after using the exchange due to complex interface, and finally, reject the exchange leaving the site by withdrawing funds.

The developers designed the trading site by understanding the users’ psyche and make it as simple as possible. Everything is placed at its position with simple navigation, and the company writes everything on the interface to reach a target position within a minute. If you find any difficulty in using the website, tell your queries to the support team. They will help out, in every error you are facing, on time.

New babies will find no difficulty in navigating or exploring the different options. Similarly, professional traders also find it a child’s play and feel relax while using it.

Mobile Application

People now use more mobile devices than desktops due to portable facilities as one can carry mobile in his pocket wherever he goes. You can make trades after installing the exchange’s application on your mobile device. offers the trading application for both Android and iOS users. The application is available both at Google Play and App Store.

The friendly interface application assists traders in executing winning trades with a lot of helping tools. Traders can enjoy the same trading experience with mobile apps as with desktop version. Only in 2019, mobile installs reached 37,000 thus showing how much people trust the trading site.

All the features are integrated into mobile applications to ease users in trading experience. With mobile in hand, users can use it wherever they go. The developers of the deployed the state-of-the-art algorithm that makes complex things easy and simplified. The latest market reports, scenarios, and deep analysis published by the experienced analysts for your guidance.

Referral and Affiliate Program

The company also introduce a very effective and competitive referral and affiliate programs. For affiliate program, they have a very big reward for both affiliates and clients bring by affiliates or promoters. For example, they will pay 50% of the commission to the affiliates paid by the clients and 12% discount to the clients as well.

Similarly, you can also earn from by referring it to your friends and relatives. For referring to others, you will get a a50% commission to you and a 10% discount to the ones who you refer to. Besides trading, both programs are also charming if you are willing to promote and refer to others.

Experienced Team Behind the Company

More than 100 employees are working to offer their services for the trading platform. Such a large team, working at three different offices, tells about its rapid enlargement in less time. The credit goes directly to the team and supervising leaders managing the site thanks to their experience in trading.

The company emerged in 2019 as the first tokenized securities exchange with headquarters established in Minsk, Belarus. It is operated by the Currency Com Bel LLC that is a fully regulated company. 

Good Support

The customer support section must be good so that users will get a solution to problems on time with no delay. The support team provides prompt response to customer queries and take their concerns in first priority. On the basis of active customer support, is very competitive leaving behind many trading platforms out there.

Good customer support shows that team behind the platform is active and will not leave you alone in any problem. This also ensures the reliability and credibility of the company. It is no doubt at all that is a reliable and trustable tokenized securities exchange for investors and traders.

You can contact the site’s staff via different social apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber. Besides this, one can talk about his or her problem using the live chat option popping out in the interface. Users can also contact via email at





Wide Range of Tokenized Assets Not open to US traders
Invest in Cryptocurrency
Trading of Crypto
Mobile App
Competitive Fee Structure
Demo Account for Beginners
Intuitive Interface


The Belarus-based trading platform is expanding itself worldwide due to warm recognition on the part of traders and investors. Currently, the company established three offices at three locations in the world including London (UK), Gibraltar (Gibraltar), and Minsk (Belarus). Partnership with helps it in fixing proper liquidity prices. is leading in the markets by providing an efficient and flexible linkage between the digital and traditional assets. Investors can avail the opportunity of such a diverse list of trading products. Moreover, it does not matter whether you want to invest in fiat or cryptocurrency because both options are present.

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