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Dow Jones Index Dives As Yields, Netflix, And Tesla Soar

Wednesday morning saw Dow Jones Industrial futures slide alongside Nasdaq and S&P 500. Netflix recorded a massive increase in its user base, pushing the index upward. Treasury yields peaked at new highs as Tesla prepares for gains. 

Indexes Performances

Stocks accumulated profits on Tuesday, having traded in the greens, but soon tipped into high volatility. Consequently, while swinging highs and lows, they closed above highs. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPhone throughput report came out flat, pushing its index under 

But the stock eventually emerged higher. Traders predicted an upside market momentum based on indicators sentiment. However, it is only a speculation and an unconfirmed bias for now. 

Netflix’s subscribers boomed beyond anticipated in the third quarter. Due to this, the company remains positive regarding its fourth-quarter growth. Accordingly, its earnings increased. 

Netflix index rallied until it broke upward. Roku index and Disney index followed suit. Likewise, intuitive surgical rose above the third quarter’s revenue and EPS prediction. 

ISRG index gained 10% during an overnight move. While its shares are not far from lows, the firm’s report could signal positivity for other medical accessories firms. 

United Airlines (UAL) dropped a solid third-quarter earnings report and a promising outlook for the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, that followed last week’s positive guidance by Delta Airlines (DAL). As a result, UAL and DAL rallied higher during the overnight trade, with the latter topping regular session profits. 

Elon Musk appears bullish on Tesla, with the index ready to bloom. The company’s earnings report is due Wednesday night. Although investors expect a good outcome, the firm must assure its stakeholders about a promising posterity. 

Today’s Dow Jones Index Price Action

DJI lost 0.35 percent despite DIS and P&G accruing gains. S&P followed suit, losing 0.5 percent. Also, Nasdaq 100 dropped 0.45 percent. 

Futures turned around from midnight gains. Contrarily, Nasdaq futures gained 1.5 percent on the same night. The ten-year treasury yield gained 9bps to 4.09 percent, after a slight drop from 4.1 percent. 

Last Friday, the ticker touched a fourteen-year high of 4.08. Britain’s inflation peaked at a forty-year high, as shown by the CPI result. Subsequently, yields went up. 

The crude index gained 1 percent. The natural gas index declined by more than 1 percent lower. A report on Tuesday said the US might intensify its Strategic Petroleum Reserve sales through the winter. 

The government seeks to repurchase oil reserves at $67 or $72 per barrel. Covid-19 patients in Beijing hit a four-month peak. Therefore, attracting lockdown imposition within China’s jurisdictions.

For the market, this is a significant period. Although the recent upswing is a good sign, the following volatility has raised doubts. Support and resistance are currently wedging at the 21-day moving average. 

Nasdaq is steady at the 21-day MA range. S&P 500 nudged mildly above and closed there. So far, leading shares have either lost or gained. 

Treasury yield initially peaked at new highs, then retracted shortly before pushing further following Apple’s update. 

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