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ETFinance Review – A Regulated and Top Notch Trading Platform

ETFinance Review

ETFinance is a digital trading platform that provides an opportunity for traders to trade on several products such as indices, ETFs, Forex, Cryptocurrency, and stocks. Many traders have expressed their thoughts on the most efficient trading method via the ETFinance trading platform is through the use of a trading robot.

We carried out an extensive review to ascertain the legitimacy and efficiency of the platform. Each of the features was analyzed to give an expert verdict on how credible the trading platform is. Shall we provide answers to frequently asked questions about ETFinance?

What is the ETFinance trading platform all about? Is it a scam, or can it be trusted?. We shall also identify the types of assets that can be traded on the platform, and we shall give a detailed description of the various features of the ETFinance trading platform.

Is ETFinance legit?

We understand that trading online comes with a lot of risks due to the presence of several fake trading platforms in the financial market. Many have lost their investment while others have seen their sensitive information being accessed by unauthorized persons.

In that regard, it is critical to determine the legitimacy of a trading platform before committing your resources and time. However, ETFinance may be seen as a legit trading platform because users and the results have tested the features were encouraging.

We have also carried out an expert analysis on the reading platform in terms of security, ease of payment and withdrawals, customer support, etc. The trading platform may be legit as several traders have also expressed satisfaction after trading.

We advise that when trading on any online platform, it is best to start your investment with the minimum investment amount required to commence trading before choosing to increase your stake. Doing this will enable you to understand better how the trading platform works so you can be able to make informed decisions as regards your investment.

What exactly is ETFinance?

ETFinance trading was created in  2018. It is operated and owned by Magnum FX Ltd. The company is a Cyprus registered online trading platform and is licensed to proceed with a registration number HE360548. Just like other brokers, the ETFinance broker is duly regulated by the exchange commission in Cyprus (CySEC).

Its status further enhances the legitimacy of ETFinance as a licensed trading platform with a 359/18  license number. The platform also has a physical location situated at number 79 Spyrou Kyprianou, Limassol, Cyprus.

With ETFinance, traders can trade manually on several assets by connecting via providers of liquidity in the financial market. Traders can carry out their trading activities on different assets such as currency pairs, ETFs, commodities as well as cryptocurrency. ETFinance is an online broker and is quite different from a trading robot.

Trading robots such as Bitcoin circuit pro or immediate edge bots make use of an automated mechanism or algorithm that is designed to access data from financial market analysis, expert commentary, and other metrics to predict the purchasing and selling power of digital assets. On the other hand, an online broker like ETFinance allows traders to carry out trading manually on their platform.

Automated Crypto trading software or robots lack authorization by the relevant agencies to accept deposits without partnering with a broker. Bitcoin Era, a popular automated trading bot, have the ETFinance broker as a reliable partner.

ETFinance broker is a legitimate trading agency because the broker is backed by law to operate to provide a platform for traders to carry out traders on digital assets. When trading via trading robots, you must use one that has a reliable, trusted, and tested broker as a partner. By trust, we mean a broker that is backed by law to operate. It is also essential that you do business with a broker that has lots of positive reviews from other users.

Based on several positive reviews from digital traders,  we may recommend BTF Finance as an online broker that may help you in your quest to trade on several digital assets. As earlier stated, you can trade using a trading bot like Bitcoin Era and a trusted broker like BTF Finance.

Regulations for ETFinance

ETFinance is registered under Magnum FX Ltd as a brand name. The body saddled with the responsibility of regulating tradings in the financial market in Cyprus backs BFT Finance with an operating license.

When you make deposits on the platform, the money is transferred into a separate trading account and not the broker’s account. The reason for this is that should in case the broker goes into bankruptcy, your investment remains protected, which is an excellent way to ensure your investment.

What is the best way for you to trade with ETFinance?

Trading with the assistance of the ETFinance broker is an excellent way to start, especially if you are new to the digital trading business. However, you may choose to use this broker via the Bitcoin Era bot.

With this trading strategy, you have access to a trusted and experienced broker combining with the automation algorithm of the Bitcoin Era robot. You have access to learn about various trading terms and techniques while using the demo account.

You may not need to have background knowledge or experience in digital assets trading when using ETFinance on Bitcoin ERA. Trading platforms for ETFinance

Trading Platforms for ETFinance

 If you want to make use of EFT Finance without a trading bot solely, you should make use of the ETFinance apps, which is compatible with your smartphone. The application can be installed from the Google Play store to your Android devices. It is available for download under the trade name Metatrader 4.

The good news is that even if you are not able to install the Metatrader application on your mobile phone or tablet due to incompatibility issues, you may still be ready to trade on ETFinance by using the web-based feature. All you may need is to have access to the internet and log into the ETFinance URL from your browser. Ensure that your network is stable.

Instruments / Markets

With the ETFinance trading platform, users have the opportunity to carry out trading on multiple assets. Unlike other trading platforms that restrict users to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency tradings, the ETFinance trading platform gives users a variety of assets. These assets include commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, and more. The platform displays all the available assets that users can trade on when they access the trading portal.

Features of ETFinance trading platform

ETFinance is designed to provide users with the necessary tools needed to trade successfully on the platform. The features of ETFinance include the following

  • Security

For online digital assets traders, there is always scepticism when providing sensitive information about payment and other personal details. There have been issues of unauthorized persons gaining access to data stored in some other trading platforms. Some traders have complained about losing their deposited funds to hackers, which is a painful experience considering the time and effort they may have spent in building their accounts.

With that in mind, ETFinance offers users a trading platform that uses high tech security features to help secure users’ information. The SSL feature present on the ETFinance platform uses an encryption mechanism to protect sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

  • Deposits

One issue faced by online traders when carrying out trading activities is the difficulty in depositing into the platform due to a single payment method. However, ETFinance has allowed users to make deposits using multiple payment options such as Skrill, Neteller, Mastro, VPay, Credit Card, and MasterCard. It also provides traders with the possibility of making deposits via the secure MasterCard code.

  • Withdrawals

One way to identify a reliable trading platform is the ease at which you can make withdrawals after making a reasonable amount from your trading. Traders may be able to withdraw the exact amount of what they earned from selling; the withdrawal process is also easy and may require only a few steps. You may be able to withdraw your earnings directly into your bank account.

  • Ease of use

Most new traders of digital currency and other assets may find to explore some trading platforms because of the complexities of most of their features. It may only take someone who is more experienced to be able to navigate around the software with less difficulty.

But what makes ETFinance advantageous is the simplicity at which the features can be used. The mobile application provides users with an easy to use environment that is both friendly and engaging.

A new trader may quickly identify each feature and learn to use them without having to wait for external supervision from an experienced trader.

  • Registration

To register as a trader on the ETFinance trading platform is devoid of difficulties as ETFinance has taken a step to make the registration process a straightforward one. However, you are to provide your name and a functional email address to be able to receive verification. On receipt of the verification email, you are requested to confirm your account and proceed with the registration process.

The process of registration also requires you to provide your preferred payment option and payment details. You may not have to be scared though it is expected due to the vulnerability of most online platforms. Registration on the ETFinance trading platform is free, and you may not be requested to pay any fee for registration. However, you may be prompted to pay a minimum deposit before you can start trading on the platform.

The minimum amount of money that you may need to pay as a deposit fee is dependent on the type of account you wang to operate. Each account type has both a minimum and maximum amount that a user can place a deposit.

  • Customer support

One of the hallmarks of a trading platform is the ability to provide technical assistance to its users. BTF Finance has an outstanding customer support program that attends to the needs of users. The company’s support services for customers span for five working days from Monday to Friday. Users may be able to present their queries, request or ask questions via the company’s email or directly on the website.

Customer support hours are between 7 to about 19 GMT. You may even make use of the Live chat feature to chat with a representative from the customer care, submit a sticker stating your request or better still reach out to them on the phone lines provided in the website.

Types of account on the ETFinance platform

there are different types of account available for users to choose from when trading with ETFinance. The type of account you may decide to operate depends on the amount of money you are willing or capable of investing. The types of account that a user can choose to act on the ETF trading platform include a Gold, Platinum or Silver account.

You can upgrade your account by updating your personal information on the account menu. You may also be required to increase your minimum investment amount to meet up with the requirement of the supposed account.

The silver ETFinance account is the account with the least investment amount, which is pegged at $250. You may also choose to open the account of a profession which are the other two higher account types. Using a Platinum or Gold ETFinance account gives you access to premium benefit such as having your manager or providing you with the leverage of getting Educational and other Resources

Another advantage of having a premium account is that it gives you access to unlimited resources in the digital trading market. You may also get leverage from the broker up to a ratio of 1:30 if you are a retail user while professional clients may get as much as 1:500. The classification of assets you are trading on may determine the leverage ratio you may get.

Spreads and commissions

It is vital that you know that ETFinance may not charge you for registering on the platform or carrying out trading apart from the minimum deposit you are requested to pay. There are no hidden charges that may precede your registration. The ETF broker only makes his gain through commissions in the form of spread. Traders on the ETFinance may enjoy a low spread of about 0.03pips.

Steps to start trading on the ETFinance platform

Trading via the ETFinance platform requires you to complete some few steps without breaking so much sweat. The following are steps you may take to begin your digital assets trading process on EFT Finance.

  • Register on the trading platform

The process of registration may be carried out directly on the ETFinance trading platform or via a trading robot like Bitcoin Era. To register directly on ETFinance, log in to the ETF Website or access the platform using the application downloaded on your mobile phone or your desktop computers.

You may also decide to log into the Bitcoin Era trading software by visiting the website and complete the process of registration. Enter your personal information and other relevant data.

  • Verify your email

A verification email may be sent to you so that you may confirm your registration

  • Add payment details

Your payment details are added to enable you to make deposits on the trading platform. We have earlier listed the various means which you can use to make deposits to allow you to start trading.

  • Start your trading

Trading activities are carried out manually on ETFinance with the help of the broker. The broker gives you expert advice about the latest trend and trading opportunities that exist in the financial market. The broker informs you when there is an open window for you to trade on your preferred assets while you take the final decision of going ahead with the trade.

Resources and Education about ETFinance

traders on ETFinance have access to several resource materials including economic calendars, ebooks, articles, tutorials and VODs. These resource materials are suitable for both experienced and new users to enable them to have a better understanding of the financial market.

Pros and Cons of ETFinance


Traders making use of different platforms may be able to trade effectively on the platform either through mobile applications or via the internet.

The platform offers outstanding customer support services to users.

Traders may have very low spreads at about 0.03, which is very good.

The broker gives traders access to educational resources.


The broker is only authorized to provide services to countries under EEA.

At present, users may not be entitled to any form of bonus.


ETFinance is a trading platform that users may use to carry out trading activities in the online financial market. It is a registered and licensed digital trading platform and offers different trading accounts. It is not a scam broker and can be trusted by traders.

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