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Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Litecoin Price Analysis

The entire virtual market has been experiencing correction at the moment. You cannot deny that volatility is at its highest for now. After all, is that not the nature of this industry? Moreover, most altcoins are struggling to recover, leading to indecisive trends in the market.

Among the altcoins trying to recover now are Ethereum Classic (ETC), IOTA, and Litecoin (LTC). Will the asset maintain the upward trend soon? Let us find out what each of the altcoins has for now.

  • Litecoin

Litecoin has had a gradual rise in prices. However, the profits went lower due to the current corrections. Keep in mind that LTC has an overall gain of 0.75% since the start of 2021. When publishing this content, Litecoin is trading at $210.24.

The asset’s support level is maintained at $168, while the resistance level is around $238.86. However, the increasing Bollinger bands gap indicates an increase in the volatility of the LTC market. That can lead to unexpected price fluctuations. However, you can expect a bearish trend since the Signal line overtook the candlesticks.

RSI indicates that the market could maintain the low prices due to the high selling pressure.

  • Ethereum Classic

ETC markets seem to have lower volatility compared to other crypto markets. Although with restricted price movements, the ETC market lowered because of the sudden volatility shifts. However, while writing this, Ethereum Classic is trading at $66.22, regaining almost 60%. The high fluctuations did not lead to a bearish attitude in the ETC markets. Valuing at 46, the RSI indicates that sellers managed to control the selling pressure. However, the purchasing pressure could not catch up.

Moreover Ethreum Classic market lost its bullish momentum due to the price falls. Though with low momentum, money kept flowing into the ETC market, showing a bullish sign.

  • IOTA

While following the popular market trend, IOTA remains bearish when writing this. Yesterday, the coin witnessed about a 60% blow on its value. The sudden market changes lowered the coin’s value to $0.74. Keep in mind that IOTA was trading above $2 before the market crash.

However, buyers stepped into the market to push the asset price to $1.35. IOTA was trading at that level when writing this content. With the events, the altcoin is now susceptible to high volatility.

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