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Ethereum Co-Inventor Integrates Scourge into ETH Whitepaper

Vitalik Buterin, an ETH co-founder, revealed the lagging climacteric of the Ethereum (ETH) whitepaper. He outlined them as the Surge, the Scourge, the Verge, the Purge, and the Splurge. He enlarged the ETH technical whitepaper by adding Scourge as the following schedule of the developers.

The Scourge was integrated into the ETH whitepaper by him on November 5, 2022. He also revealed that it’s the company’s next technical project that will secure ETH transactions. Other planned technical stages of ETH will be suspended till the realization of the Scourge.

Why Scourge was Incorporated into ETH Whitepaper

The new stage intends to enhance the decentralization and bowdlerization stability of the ETH network. The switching of ETH to a proof-of-stake (POS) network on September 15 was the first stage. Therefore, scurge is the next among the six-stage technical whitepaper of ETH developers.

The ETH technical team aims to achieve 100,000 deals per second through rollups. The team’s effort toward achieving such milestones aided the integration of Scourge as the third phase. The revised technological whitepaper would be implemented before the previous elements in the framework. The last element includes Verge, Purge, and Splurge before its revision.

One of the benefits derivable from scourge is ascertained dependability and credibility in the consensus layer. The third stage plan will checkmate the activities of miners manipulating transactions through the ETH network.  Buterin stated that “a system that does not segregate or manipulate its users is a reliable platform.”

Miner Extractable Value (MEV) transpires when a mining machine surpasses a supplementary network. It automatically selects the transactions processed in a block and with directions. In such conditions, miners can duplicate all thriving transactions from the mempool. They can execute transactions ahead of arbitrageurs that want to manipulate the system.

The aftermath of the ETH merger with POS was an elevated status of censorship and centralization. The percentage of legal blocks in U.S OFAC rose to 73% after the merger on October 15.

ETH proponent and CEO of The Daily Gwei, Anthony Sassano, also commended the recent development. He stated that “censorship resistance is more relevant than scaling” in any blockchain network.

In addition, other suggestions that will impede censorship will be implemented in no distant time.  They include Single Unifying Auctions for Value Expression (SUAVE) and SNARK technology. SNARK technology will be incorporated into the ETH blockchain, Buterin revealed in his tweet.

The execution of SNARKS technology in the Scourge stage would enable the required privacy-preserving elements. Tracking of anonymous transactions would be enabled through blockchain-related software.

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