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Fiat New 500 Owners Will Get Rewarded With Crypto For Driving Properly

The growth of the cryptocurrency space has not just led to the market being one of the hottest investment spheres in the world; it has led to the mass adoption of many digital assets. Many retailers across the world now accept Bitcoin and a few, Ethereum. A few nations’ government bodies now accept Bitcoin as payment for taxes and levies, as the adoption list goes on and on. However, one of the latest adoptions of cryptocurrency is by Stellantis- the Fiat owners, who have now entered a partnership with Kiri technologies to reward buyers of the New 500 fiat electric cars for driving safely and correctly.

Drivers will be rewarded with KiriCoin

In the official release by Stellantis, the brains behind Fiat, Jeep, and Mopar, the car manufacturing giants confirmed that they have partnered with Kiri Technologies to ensure that the drivers of their new electric car- Fiat New 500, are rewarded for being good drivers. Kiri Technologies are the brains behind KiriCoin, a cryptocurrency that can be traded in specialized markets. Speaking to the press about the news, Gabrielle Catacchio, One of the Program Managers at Stellantis, believes that the reward program tailored to the buyers of the New 500 cars is Stellantis’s way of ensuring that the owners of their cars are compliant with every form of environmentally-friendly behaviors.

Catacchio confirmed that the drivers are rewarded with the KiriCoin, which can be seen on their digital wallet on the Fiat App when they drive their cars in the best and most-regulatory friendly way. When quizzed about how the new reward program will operate, Catacchio explained that the Kiri cloud- an installed system in the car would help to collate driving data. If qualified for rewards, the collated driving data will automatically credit customers with KiriCoins on the wallet. Catacchio also confirmed that some drivers would also get extra rewards if they get more points than others, as judged by the Kiri Cloud.

This is the first but unlikely going to be the last

Catacchio also confirmed that the drivers who are rewarded with KiriCoin would shop for things on the Kiri marketplace with their rewards. He also confirmed that a few eligible drivers who get extra rewards on driving would get vouchers for Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Spotify. The worth of a KiriCoin is currently $0.02, which is the reward a driver will get for every one-kilometer drive.

However, the limitation to this reward, which is yet to be addressed by Stellantis, is that Kiri is currently present in 13 European countries, as they are not yet in Africa, America, Asia, and other parts of the world. However, while there is no official update yet as to how drivers in the other part of the world will be rewarded, the remarkable adoption of cryptocurrency by Stellantis is admirable. However, while Catacchio explained that this might be the first, he confirmed that it would not be the last one. The car manufacturing giants will continue to offer rewards to compliant drivers.

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