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Financial Tech Firm Circle Partners With Unstoppable Domains

Approaching similarly to how PayPal teamed up with Venmo to bring an easier route for people to transfer dollars, Unstoppable Domains have stated that by using the ‘.coin’ username, the same level of ease and accessibility will be provided.

According to the simultaneous announcement made on Wednesday, Financial tech company, Circle, is now teaming up with blockchain domain name distributor, Unstoppable Domains to develop a new strategy to make usernames for stablecoin payments a lot easier and simpler to deal with. Both Circle and Unstoppable Domains will work together to assist users in converting long and complex wallet addresses into usernames that are much simpler, identified by ‘.coin’, making it much easier to send and receive USDC on supported 30 different apps, wallets and exchanges to increase decentralized transaction speeds.

CEO of Unstoppable Domains, Mr. Mathew Gould, stated that the company is focusing on easier blockchain domain names that must become a necessity for asset transactions in the whole network and providing easier naming services will help out in giving users the confidence to invest in crypto, without the worry of getting to complexities.

Circle and Unstoppable Domains Background

Being the top developers of USDC, that company has successfully managed to deliver and develop the top dollar digital currency, also managing to secure a market cap of nearly $25Billion in value. The USDC market has seen a very smooth growth since the past year, and because USDC is a stablecoin, the asset has the support of a secure and stable asset that is responsible for giving USDC the stability it requires. As of now, USDC is backed by the very stable US Dollar, so users having a USD account will not suffer any significant loss, leading to a very steady and secure price rate.

On the other hand, Unstoppable Domains has also managed to secure an exceptional level of importance in the crypto market by providing support for almost 200 individual cryptocurrencies spread throughout 50 wallet services and exchanges. Justifying its ‘Unstoppable’ title, Unstoppable Domains have stated that they have managed to sell nearly a million blockchain domain names, which are being used to be minted as NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, while also providing users with complete ownership status and jurisdiction of the names.

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