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FinexArena Review

Whether you are a newbie trader or someone with experience, choosing a broker that is capable of providing secure and innovative services is paramount. A quick search of the market will tell you that it is teeming with brokers, but this doesn’t make every single one of them reliable. If you want to choose a good broker, you have to do your due diligence. Failure to do so could lead to the wrong choice, which results in disastrous consequences. FinexArena is one name you will come across when you are looking for a digital trading platform that supports trading, both in the forex market and in the crypto space.

FinexArena was launched by a group of experienced traders as a manager for venture capital funds. It has developed a strong and positive reputation in the market as a trustworthy broker offering an innovative and flexible trading platform. If you check its background, you will discover that the broker has been around for more than a few years and has delivered its services to retail and institutional investors alike, thereby becoming an important player in the global Fintech revolution. FinexArena kept up with the advances in technology and added cryptocurrencies to its asset index when they became a popular trading instrument.

The broker has successfully harnessed cutting edge technology for providing its clients with advanced and sophisticated trading solutions and payment methods. Let’s take a closer look at what this broker can offer:

FinexArena Background

This broker was launched in 2018 amidst growing demand of reliable platforms for secure trading of foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies and other financial products. Since FinexArena is a digital broker, it follows the principle of global financial inclusion. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to discover that it provides web and mobile trading options. You will come across FinexArena’s mobile app that it introduced for both iOS and Android mobile and tablets and its web trading platforms also boast a user-friendly interface for smooth and easy trading.

Another reason FinexArena has gained a lot of popularity is the fact that it has successfully bridged the gap between the mainstream financial market and the crypto world by offering its customers a regulated environment for trading crypto products. When you sign up on FinexArena, you have option of trading more than 200 financial instruments, which makes it great for those who are interested in diversifying their investment portfolio. There are some truly unique featurs and services that the broker is offering for making the transition easy for newbie traders and to help them combat any issues they may face.

FinexArena Safety and Security of Funds

In today’s technological times, digital platforms are quite vulnerable and even a small loophole can be exploited by cybercriminals for their benefit. Hence, it has become of the utmost importance for traders to take necessary measures to keep their systems and network safe from prying eyes. FinexArena has kept up with this practice as the broker has employed highest standards of encryption for ensuring the security of the money entrusted to them by clients. Similarly they keep customer accounts safe through multi-layer authentication to ensure their privacy is not compromised in any way. In addition, FinexArena has taken advantage of VPS hosting for keeping risks at a minimum.

FinexArena Investment Products

As the broker caters to investors who wish to maximize their profits, it has gone to great lengths to provide them with multiple investment products to do exactly that. FinexArena gives people the option of trading in the forex market, commodities, shares and indices. Plus, they also give their clientele the option of trading CFDs. These are products that provide investors and traders with the opportunity of maximizing profits by performing market analysis and predictions. These are Contracts for Difference between buyers and sellers, which highlight the difference between an asset’s strike price and its valuation at a stipulated time.

Some may consider them risky because market movements can be difficult to predict. However, FinexArena helps its clients in mitigating these risks by giving them access to numerous tools. These can come in handy for monitoring the market and keeping an eye on movements in order to make quick decisions. Furthermore, FinexArena also provides its traders with the option of investing in the crypto market. As a matter of fact, it has created a secure and robust environment for this purpose and has added 29 cryptocurrencies to its assets. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple and Cardano, amongst others.

FinexArena Multiple Payment Methods

Since it is the aim of the broker to provide an exceptional trading experience to its clients, FinexArena has integrated diverse payment options to their platform. This can improve the execution of transactions and allow people to make the most of their trades. Depositing funds and withdrawing them from your account is swift and you can choose a method from multiple payment options. You have the option of using cards, including both Visa and MasterCard for making deposits and withdrawals. Wire transfers can also be used or you can choose the wallet option.

Details about the cost and length of processing of each payment method is mentioned below:

  • Wire Transfer: The minimum deposit requirement for this method is 300 USD/EUR whereas withdrawal depends on your contract or portfolio. There are no deposit or withdrawal fee applicable and the length of processing is between 2 and 15 days, depending on the bank.
  • Visa and MasterCard: The minimum deposit is the same for these cards and no fees is applicable here either. The deposits are quick when you go with cards as they are made within 30 minutes. Withdrawals, on the other hand, take between 2 and 15 days, depending on the card issuer.
  • Wallets: The minimum deposit requirement remains 300 EUR/USD in this case. No deposit or withdrawal fee is charged. Deposits are instant in this method and withdrawals are completed on the same business day.

FinexArena User Interface

One of the biggest challenges that traders nowadays have to face is to navigate through the intricacies complexities of trading platforms. FinexArena is quite familiar with this challenge and so they have come up with a solution by providing their clients with an easy-to-use and user-friendly trading platform that can fulfill the needs of newcomers as well as professionals. From registration and account option to deposits, withdrawals and trading, the system has been integrated with an online portal that makes everything easy. There is one-click trading also available for the convenience of the users.

FinexArena Educational Resources

This particular feature has contributed greatly to FinexArena’s unique appeal amongst global traders. The broker has acknowledge the importance and benefits of having proper trading education, particularly for traders who are new to the market. Therefore, this digital trading platform has made an effort to provide its clients with access to the materials and resources needed for improving their knowledge.

The Education section of the broker comprises of resources like e-books, videos and webinars from experts in the industry. These people have a vast knowledge and experience when it comes to financial products and their innovations. Traders can find the information incredibly useful and can transition easily into newer financial products or markets. In this way, they are able to magnify their profits while keeping their losses at a minimum.

FinexArena Account Options

As it is a trading platform, it is understood that you will have to make an account with FinexArena in order to start trading. Thus, several types of account options are provided by the broker, which are mostly subject to the experience and skills of the trader. These accounts can be differentiated on the basis of their bonuses, minimum deposits, level of experience, exclusivity of offers and leverages. The options include:

  • Silver Account

This is the most basic account offered by FinexArena and is aimed at newbies in the market. The minimum deposit for this account is $250 and a maximum of $50,000. A 20% bonus is provided and an interest rate of 1.5% is given for 24 months. Limited trading signals are available, but traders can enjoy a free consultation with a personal account manager, along with a one-on-one trading session with a market analyst.

  • Gold Account

For this account option, the minimum deposit limit is $10,000 whereas the maximum amount that can be invested is $100,000. Opening this account provides traders with full access to trading signals. They are also assigned an executive account manager to aid with personal account management. Monthly interest rates of 2.5% are given and quarterly withdrawals are allowed. Bonus is increased to 50% and the number of sessions with a market analyst is increased to five.

  • Platinum Account

This is a slight upgrade to the Gold account and is meant for experienced traders. The deposit requirements start at $50,000 and go as high as $250,000. Users can consult with executive account managers and they can enjoy unlimited trading sessions with a seasoned market analyst. A 100% bonus is given to the account users and interest rate is increased to 3.75%.

  • Diamond Account

The minimum deposit requirement starts at $250,000 and goes as high as $1 million. This account type has been designed for professional traders so unlimited trading signals are provided along with trading sessions. The interest rate available with this account is 3.75% and 125% bonuses are also provided.

Apart from these account options, FinexArena is also offering a fixed account to its traders in which spreads are fixed. This allows people to make more accurate trading decisions. Under this account, traders can enjoy competitive rates on forex currencies, more flexible bonuses and easy interactions with their account managers. This account can be used for commodities, forex, metals, share and indices CFDs and can adapt to the different trading platforms offered by FinexArena. The minimum opening deposit is $250 and reload deposits of $50 can also be made. Leverage is fixed at 1:400.

Finex Arena Trading Platforms

The broker’s goal is to make trading avenues more accessible to people all over the globe and also giving them access to any and all technological advancements for trading financial products. FinexArena is accomplishing this goal by providing traders with several trading platforms that can suit traders from different backgrounds with varying needs. The trading platforms you will find on FinexArena are:

  • iPhone and iPad Trader

This is an MT4 trading platform that’s compatible with iOS, which allows iPhone and iPad users to enjoy the perks of mobile trading. There is a toolbox widget that can be used for checking your trading history, current orders, email and other important information. There are multi-lingual options available, along with real-time information and technical tools.

  • Android Trader

The MT4 trading application is also available for Android users and can enable traders to take advantage of 30 technical indicators and three different types of charts. There are also functionalities that enable users to gain access to historical and real-time information regarding profit and loss levels, orders, quotes and other data that’s relevant for making informed trading decisions. There is also a multilingual customer support system integrated within the mobile trading platform that enables clients to get in touch with FinexArena’s representatives.

  • MT4 WebTrader

This particular trading platform provided by FinexArena can be accessed through web browsers, no matter where you are. Your location doesn’t matter, as long as you have access to a web browser and an internet connection. You can find all data and material needed for performing detailed market analysis and implementing trading strategies in a seamless and hassle-free way.

Final Thoughts

FinexArena is focused on providing traders, both beginners and experienced ones, a unified and secure environment for trading in different financial markets. They had added a wide range of tools and integrated them with cutting-edge technology without complicating anything. The platform is easy-to-use for everyone and traders can enjoy dipping their toes in various markets to keep their investments diversified. When you choose this broker, you will be able to enjoy comprehensive and smooth trading services without any security problems.

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