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FNTX Clients Can Use DOGE to Buy Luxury Condos

When was your first time to hear about Dogecoin? If you are on social sites, it is undeniable that you have heard about this virtual coin, driving the financial market by storm. Throughout this year, DOGE, which started as a joke, is the most popular crypto coin you will find in the trading industry. Nowadays, you will encounter Dogecoin millionaires here and there.

At the moment, Elon Musk has an ongoing Twitter poll asking his followers whether Tesla can allow DOGE payment. What are your views on that? If you have been in the cryptocurrency space for a while, you will agree that DOGE had somehow limited purchasing power. However, today, you can use your Dogecoin to purchase multiple things, including luxury condos. Is that not mesmerizing?

FNTX, an OTC liquidity supplier and cryptocurrency payment expert based in Zug, partnered with 355 Developments, a Portuguese-based property developer, for a real estate deal led by the project’s co-founder, David Rabbi. Israel Bitton, an FNTX Co-founder, and official Rabbi have developed fiat-friendly settlement and banking services in various regions. That is a result of FNTX’s strategy to help institutional customers and business merchants accept cryptocurrency transactions. You might have witnessed multiple institutions jumping in the crypto pool in the last few weeks.

All you need to execute your purchase is to visit the “Real Estate Exchange” page on FNTX’s platform. Via the platform, FNTX Suisse enables real-estate exchange and ownership through cryptocurrency transactions. The best thing is that you will get accurate crypto prices of each property listed on the platform because of the real-time updates.

FNTX Company has various business solutions that can improve real-estate activities and diversify investment choices for investors and developers. That is according to an official statement by the firm.

Crypto to Streamline Real Estate Transactions

Facilitating crypto payments in real estate can improve the virtual currency’s purchase power. Historically, individuals are skeptical about initiating large cryptocurrency purchases. Allowing crypto users to make direct real estate purchases might change that narrative.

FNTX trusts its 355 Development and other residential dealers’ partnership will refine how people advertise, search, invest, buy and sell properties.

What do you think about the many institutions adopting Dogecoin? Comment your opinion.

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