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Former Apple Executive Launches New NFT App

Ever since it started growing in adoption, the NFT sector has seen more and more people enter the space. With the craze still very much abound, an entity has developed a new NFT mining app to this effect. With the app, various users would be able to mine their NFT tokens on their phones and would also be afforded to register as the owner of the NFT on a blockchain.

This new update has now put paid to any rumor about the NFT sector already seeing mainstream attention. The newly created app, S!NG, would allow all NFT creators such as musicians, artists, and the like to establish their property on the blockchain, adding the date that such NFT was created.

The app would be able to mine free NFTs

For creatives to register their works with the respective bodies in the United States of America, the process usually takes a longer time. With the NFT mining app coming on the board, it would just take the layers minutes to make their works seen across the whole world in an instant. While an NFT is minted in the speed of light, miners will also be able to mine in their own name.

This is due to the permanent storage in the archive of the blockchains provide by S!NG. In their statement, the creators mentioned that the main reason the app was launched in the first place was to enable people who are in the business of creation to have perfect control over their assets.

With the app pushing this to the mainstream, the director of communications at S!NG believes that the move has been needed for a long time. In creating the app, the team affirmed that the app would be the most easily used because some of the few people conducted in the design phase were creators.

S!NG has partnered with OpenSea marketplace

Giving a few examples on why things like this should be created, and analysts have mentioned that most works of creators are release, and all platforms take advantage of it and list them. Maida also mentioned that the world was previously moving on without enforcing certain copyright laws and infringement. With the CEO of the platform, Geoff Osler, already a guru in the licensing business, he was one of the numerous people that worked on the privacy protection of the app.

Before he developed the app and started working at Clearsign, he was on the books of the famous company, Apple. As it stands now, the platform has employed an NFT marketplace, OpenSea, for the innovation.

With the partnership, the creators of the app would be able to sell their arts for money. The company also positioned that very soon, and it was going to kick off with the creation of its marketplace in the coming days.

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