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GameStop Wants To Recruit A Blockchain Expert

The massive adoption of Blockchain technology continues to headline the space’s progress, as the party begins to interest everyone. The digital asset in the space has continued to be coveted by many investors within and outside the cryptocurrency space, as the space is gradually becoming the most preferred investment ground in the world. However, while traditional finance firms seemed to be interested in Blockchain technologies, it appears that the need for expert talents to realize their ambitions is high. Popular video game store- GameStop seem to be the latest traditional firm to be interested in the Blockchain space, as they have now reported a vacancy for a Blockchain expert with good knowledge of NFTs, and Blockchain expertise.

GameStop likely looking into the NFT space

According to the report by the video game store’s Reddit forum- r/WallStreetBets’, they confirmed that the video game store is currently needing the service of Blockchain analysts. The reason behind such development will only mean that the video game sellers are looking to venture into the booming world of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs have continued to grow in popularity amongst many crypto users, as it appears that many are fascinated by the unique digital tokens. Hence, It will be no surprise if the video game retailers are interested in the NFT market.

The required individual for the new role at GameStop is expected to have been involved in the Blockchain space for at least five years, designing new Blockchain technologies, and is expected to possess the relevant Blockchain skills needed to thrive in a typical Blockchain environment. The qualified individual will also be required to work every day of the week, as all indications point to GameStop recruiting someone who will be fully involved in its proposed NFT business.

GameStop appears to have moved on

According to a report by FinTech Recruiters- a Canadian organization that currently specializes in helping Blockchain companies recruit talents, there has been a high demand for skilled Blockchain technologies since the start of 2020. The CEO of the firm, Nako Mbelle, believes that GameStop is not the only one looking to hire Blockchain experts, as many traditional firms like Banks and Investment firms, many of whom are looking to venture into the Blockchain space.

Mbelle believes that the NFT space is currently one of the most enticing spaces in the cryptocurrency industry, and GameStop is just one of the few firms venturing into the space. However, many analysts are delighted that the video game store has been able to bounce back from the business-threatening hurdle it faced in January, when a group of Reddit commenters was responsible for halting the trading of shares of the company on the popular trading platform- Robinhood.

That action signaled a very tough experience for the retailers and the company, but it appears that it’s all in the past now, as the company has now forged ahead. However, while the hunt for a Blockchain expert continues to top the video game store list, many analysts are expectant of what their involvement in NFT will produce.

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