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Genesis11 Review – Is Genesis11 Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Genesis11 Review

Genesis11 logoGenesis11 has established itself to provide you the best facilities in the online trading market. It is a brokerage firm, which is specialized in the trading of crypto assets. If you have made up your mind to choose the crypto market as a career, this platform is the best option. In the presence of multiple trading platforms, you may feel confusion and difficulties in the selection. Therefore I am writing Genesis11 review to clear your queries about the broker.

You are probably going to think for a while if I simply ask you a question about multiplying your earnings, especially in this pandemic situation where organizations are expelling their employees, and people have no other choice but to leave their job. When we talk about those who are self-employed, the pandemic lockdown is the biggest barrier which is dropping down their profit ratios. In this situation, the only option left is the adoption of technological tools and finding online earnings sources. While talking about the earning sources online, the best option you can find is the Forex market, where you can trade several commodities without having to go out. One of the best options is trading cryptocurrencies, which can give you the highest returns and maximize your profit in a very short time. The nature of the leading cryptocurrency is very speculative and volatile, due to which people are getting high-profit ratios on a daily basis.

Another advantage of trading with digital currencies is their decentralized nature, where no one is dependent on any financial institution. The biggest question arises at this point is “how”? If you have spent some time in the research on the online trading markets, you may already know that everyone needs a particular trading platform to carry out their trading business in this market. Talking about cryptocurrencies which are no doubt becoming very popular every day, there are many trading platforms that are ready to become your partner in this business.

If you are finding out a trusted investment platform, you have definitely reached the right destination. To start your crypto trading activities in the trillion-dollar international market, you just need a reliable and reputable broker. You have to deal with everything with great care because fraudsters and cybercrime artists are increasing in the market every day. Scam brokerage firms can result in ruining your wealth as well as your life.

Brief Introduction of Genesis11

From learning to safely enter into the market to trade like experts for the sake of increasing your profit ratios, Genesis11 can host you by providing a phenomenal and profitable trading platform. I am featuring an easy-to-use platform for trading cryptocurrencies where you can easily invest, trade, purchase, and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies without any hesitation and fear. The trading platform is offering 24/7 customer care services. To provide a customer-oriented scenario, the brokerage firm is charging very low commission fees.

Genesis11 website

Major Features of Genesis11

Now that you are ready to step into the financial market, online trading is the best way to go if you want a high success rate in a short amount of time. In the last couple of years, cryptocurrency has become quite the star of the show in the world of online trading. Although cryptocurrency has played a very important part in bringing the attention of many traders and investors towards digital assets, however, there are more instruments available in the market that can help you grow your portfolio.

With thousands of options available in the market, you will need an experienced broker that can understand your requirement and can provide you with opportunities to work with these options. There is so much room to profit from this system that everyone wants a piece from it. A smart person always looks for an opportunity to boost his earning, but that may not be simple as it sounds. Taking profound decisions to make substantial growth is the key element in any business. But these steps become even more important in the case of online trading. As you will encounter many brokers that commit to providing you with the best options, but out of them, only a few are reliable. And while Genesis11 is considered relatively a new broker, its trading assets and instruments put them in the limelight among many brokers.

Education and Information

If you are not a trading expert and just starting your trading career, this brokerage firm is providing you a highly digitalized form of the education center. Here, you can have different modes of learning materials in the form of video sessions, ebooks, and regular webinars where you can get the necessary training to optimize your trade with the best profit ratio. There are multiple trading courses for getting expertise in several modes of trading in the market. Also, customers are provided with more than 200 hours of video sessions to get in-depth knowledge of each market’s aspect. Except for the silver package, the customers of all other accounts are provided with the facility of weekly market reviews and a compiled form of information of financial market research. It has proven to be a great opportunity for the users to remain up to date about all the considerable happenings in the crypto market industry.

Variety of Account Types

Facilitating the investors with a variety of packages, the firm has presented five different account types, and the description of each package has been discussed below.

Silver Account

As the name is clearly explaining the features of this account, it is the basic and the smallest package you can have. This package has been particularly designed for the ones who have just entered into the crypto trading industry for the sake of learning and finding their specific niche. You can have this package by investing a minimum of $10,000. The investors are provided with 24/5 customer support service and an unlimited 365 trading dashboard in this package.

Gold Account

This account is for the one who has made up their mind to progress in the crypto industry; this package exhibited by the gold account costs you $25,000. By investing in this package, you are provided with a personal crypto analyst and an introductory session with the analyst; the creditors of this account will also receive market reviews, information, and research analysis of the markets on a weekly basis.

Platinum Account

It is counted in the category of elite packages where you can start your crypto trading experience by investing 50,000 dollars and above. Here, the creditors will be provided with a personal analyst and would be able to enjoy daily signals from the VIP desk and trading signals on a monthly basis. Like the basic package, the investor will also have new information, financial research, and market reviews every week.

Signature Account

As the name indicates, it is one of the royal packages the investors can have. In this package, the creditor will enjoy the personal analyst comprehensive plan for the smart management of money and regular market reviews. This account ranges between 250,000 dollars and more. You will also be provided with weekly private sessions under the guidance of an expert cryptocurrency analyst. This package enables you to do your transactions and withdrawals without any additional fees.

VIP Account

This is the biggest package offered by Genesis11. With this package, you are going to have a feeling of trading without any rules to stop you. By having a direct contact line with your crypto analyst, you can discuss your queries and so take his help for making any trading decisions. By taking this package, you can also unlock the futuristic smart money management plans from the experts. From getting regular, long and short-term financial plans to enjoying timely advice from the senior account analysts, the firm will offer you a chance of enjoying weekly private sessions with the expert minds hired by the brokerage firm. You can enjoy your training experience on the VIP package by investing $1000,000. To enter this account, you need to be invited by the specialist of Genesis11; this broker observes your expertise and then invites you to be a part of their VIP account package.

By getting any of the above packages, you should be assured that you are going to get a handsome amount of your money back with the presence of options to enjoy and strategize your trading decisions.

Adding another value to the grace of the firm, the platform has no policy to charge any fee for the execution of trades. So far, this policy has proved to be an affordable and reliable option compared to the other brokerage firms in the market.

Advanced Trading Platform

In my opinion, a trading platform can single-handedly determine the experience of your future trades. A glitched or flawed platform can cause you to miss out on many opportunities, which in the long run causes a lot of funds loss. There are many sorts of trading platforms available in the market. Some opt to go for propriety platforms, which is building their platform, while the rest go for a built-in one. With Genesis11, you are equipped with a web trading platform that is the latest software available in the market.

Genesis11 does not make you update your software to operate trading. Instead, you are given the liberty to download the app for your own convenience from either the App Store or the Play Store. Moreover, Genesis11 software offers multilingual support for all their international users. Hence Genesis11 covers all around the basic needs of every trader and even grants some exceptional features too.

Genesis11 account types

Web Trader

A trading platform is the most vital component that a broker can offer you. And for that, you will need to have at least a basic idea and information about what a company is offering to you. With Genesis11, the web trading platform option is also displayed on their site among many other platforms. This type of trading platform enables you to work and operate your dealing on their website.

This feature is great for people who do not want to download the app, as it grants you alternatives so you could choose the best for yourself. You can trade through their website, and it would not bound you to modify your software or update the mobiles or laptops to function it. You can simply go to their website, open an account with them, and start working even on the go. The web trading platform of Genesis11 is equipped with the latest features such as economic calendars, live charts, price alerts, and analysis tools, etc. So you could experience fast trading executions that allow you to work with as many trading instruments as possible.

Option of Algo Trading

Algorithmic trading is a system of trading with figures, variables of time, price, and volume, etc. This method of trading uses charts and computer codes to execute a trade. This allows precise measurement of risks, and hence more chances of success come with it. Therefore numerous people are choosing it on a daily basis, no matter if you are experienced or new in the trading field, Algo trading will allow you to increase your earnings with a lesser amount of time compared to others.

CFD Trading

Genesis11 allows you to trade without actually using your money, which is considered the best way to earn money through any platform. If you are fresh to the concept of CFD trading, well, it’s pretty easy. Rather than investing your own money, you sign a contract with a firm for an asset. CFD basically stands for Contract for Difference, in which you exchange the difference between the price of opening and closing of an asset. CFD is a great way to increase your earnings with investment in more than one asset at one time. Furthermore, with CFDs, you can easily invest funds in various assets and instruments.

Banking and Payment Options

Banking and transactions can be a hard nut to crack, especially with an unprofessional broker that only focuses on money-making strategies. Genesis11 has provided its users with easy options for the transfer, investment, and transactions of money at a minimal cost. Genesis11 is known as a top-rated broker due to its customer-friendly services and policies. This broker helps you with easy money transfer options that include wire transfer, debit card, and banks, etc. It also provides e-wallets to its users for security and smooth operation while trading. With their fast payment and fund withdrawal methods, you can control all your trading with peace of mind.

Supporting Multiple Cryptocurrencies to Trade With

You are probably finding out the specific platform where you can diversify your crypto trading experience. Despite the leading cryptocurrency, many other crypto trading options can result in giving you high returns. For example, if you have just stepped into the crypto market, you are not potentially fit to trade with the BTC. One must always remember that trading with the leading digital asset like Bitcoin requires a considerable amount of trading experience. Otherwise, you can lose everything. Therefore, it is advised to select that platform where you can trade with multiple cryptocurrencies. Due to the popularity of the BTC, many brokerage firms allow their customers to trade with the top two to three cryptocurrencies, where the traders experience a factor of limitation. When it comes to Genesis11, the customers have never felt such limited liabilities. Being a crypto-oriented broker, Genesis11 helps its customers, who want to expand their trading profiles by using numerous cryptocurrency options. You can trade through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple XRP, Digital Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum classic.

Recovery Program

When you choose a brokerage company, you might be taking them as just a pathway towards online trading. However, that is not the case how Genesis11 works, a good broker just like Genesis11 understands their client’s shortcomings and they work on them to grow their business. With Genesis11, your business persists in secure hands, as they work for the recovery of your weak points.

Genesis11 will go above and beyond to make your trading fruitful. And they will do that by analyzing your portfolio and estimating your weakest links and strengths. This data will help the broker implement vital changes to your portfolio, and you will see positive results in a short time. This can be a good learning opportunity, and you could implement some of these tricks into your trading process to get the highest results.


Deciding on the best broker can be quite exhilarating, but companies like Genesis11 make this decision easier with their amazing customer services and features that are designed to improve your trading. Especially their recovery feature that is there to help you with your trade. What else can you need from a brokerage company?

But still, before you invest, I will suggest you consider your budget first. This will help you make a concise plan for the selection of your instrument and assets of trade. After all, you are the most qualified person to decide on your requirements and goals. However, I would recommend looking into this broker before moving on to your research.

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