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Inside The First NFT Physical Gallery In New York

The advancement of non-fungible tokens or NFTs as it is widely known has been a form of discussion by Bitcoin journalists and art enthusiasts for some weeks now. They are peculiar digitally visible assets in a blockchain: just like GIFs and JPEGs that can be included in files, tokens are in the same form, and people buy them to prove it is theirs. We take advantage of its exclusive aspect, knowing that the proceedings are openly recorded and its supposed fabricated unavailability. The excitement is in the facade dependability of blockchain. Depending on your kind of person, you can choose to allow your NFT to stay inside your wallet or showcase it through online media or market platforms as long as people know it belongs to you without hassle.

How the Superchief Gallery setting looks like

Superchief, a small gallery located in the City of New York around Union Square, has been trying to figure out how to have a little corner showcasing NFTs. This has been on for some days now as the gallery claims to be the first in the game. It has over 300 individual artists promoting their works in the first exhibition they had, tagged “Starter Pack Season One”. From the point of view of a tech enthusiast, what you showcase is not what makes the difference in NFTs because if the piece is not available, you are left with nothing.

NFTs drive would be questioned like this. A future NFT is trying to portray where everything involves buying and selling, and there would be tokens involved for all transactions. The NFTs trading world has increased in the past couple of weeks as the crypto arrivistes have invested a lot of money in auctions and artworks digitally available. The highest talking point is the splashing of $69 million at Christie’s on an NFT image designed by Beeple. Some tweets were sold off; for instance, a 2010 meme that was available at Nyan Cat was sold for almost $600,000 as NFT.

Crypto Art Ideology

There has been a lot of speculation and criticism regarding NFTs usage. Simultaneously, some think they used to be part of art, and others see it as a form of laundering money because one could easily argue that the market has been exchanging hands within the same circle of people. The big question is if NFTs art will have its form or it will be like designs already in existence.

NFTs art could be hard to understand, so it may not be Superchief’s entire fault to have an underwhelming exhibition. Crypto or NFTs art may or may not be about just selling images in a gallery store because it won’t be easy to see the future plan. Still, the NFTs uproar is not just about what they are capable of, so we wait and see what lies ahead.

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