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Jack Dorsey Proposes to Link Every Twitter Account with Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, has a weird proposal according to which every Twitter account should be linked with a Bitcoin lightning wallet. The whole story behind this proposal is an early suggestion by a Twitter user. He urged the management to facilitate linking every Twitter account with an NFT wallet to store their avatars and other media in it. To this, Jack replied, that sure, why not, and every account should be linked with the Bitcoin lightning wallet, however. He parted with the sentence at ‘however,’ which either hint at another suggestion or something exciting headed towards the audience.

Jack Dorsey is a solid Bitcoin lover despite the fact that the platform has recently used NFT technology offered by Ethereum. It seems that Dorsey might have made up his mind or profoundly opened up a tunnel to find a way of incorporating Bitcoin with Twitter because, for Jack, it would be like a dream come true. According to Jack Dorsey, this could work as a two-part benefit system; first, every Twitter user will have the functionality to be able to store NFTs within their account in the form of avatars or other personal media, and second, it will help the NFT space to grow and find inspiration in the digital world.

Jack Dorsey Wants NFT Growth

This could serve as the biggest layer of NFT meant for showcasing the technology to the rest of the world and also for distribution purposes; it is like killing two birds with a single stone. Twitter already is a pretty extensive social media platform, and incorporating NFT technology will most certainly help the initiative reach millions of users simultaneously.

A random user later picked up the comment who said that it would benefit the Ethereum network more than it would help the Twitter community. If Jack wants to take this as a step to strengthen the Twitter community whole adopting Bitcoin as an NFT solution, this is not what will be happening here. The NFT technology is broadly concerned with Ethereum blockchain, and that is why Dorsey must come with something a little more in sync with Bitcoin and its blockchain if he wants to favour Twitter and Bitcoin.

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