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Largus Brokers Review: What Makes it the Best Broker Today?

Largus Brokers Review 2019

The number of online brokers is increasing with the passage of time and this is definitely good news for brokers. The rising number means that competition between the brokers is getting tougher due to which they are trying to each other. This helps traders because they are now being offered a horde of features and excellent trading conditions, all at very affordable costs. Regardless of whether a trader is new in the market or experienced, today everyone has become quite knowledgeable about the options at their disposal. It has become the norm for them to do thorough research before selecting an online broker for their trading career.

If you are researching your options in online brokers, you will come across Largus Brokers, which is one of the best brokers of 2019. The broker has made considerable effort to bring its amazing trading conditions, multiple trading platforms and other features that can aid traders in making money fast. They have also made managing your account a breeze and the customer support provided only adds to the perks. There are hundreds of thousands of traders already using Largus Brokers even though it was launched in 2018 and more continue to sign up every day. Therefore, the broker has now expanded its operations in more than 60 countries around the world.

But, why is it gaining favor? What makes Largus Brokers one of the best broker today? Some of its unique and appealing features are highlighted below:

You can start trading right away

First and foremost, the lack of prerequisites for signing up at Largus Brokers has helped the broker in gaining a high number of users. The only requirement that you need to fulfill is a good internet connection and you can start immediately. The cutting edge trading platform of Largus Brokers brings all financial markets right at your fingertips. Traders don’t have to have any experience or previous training because the broker provides traders with not just basic training, but also expert guidance to cater to beginners who are just getting their bearings.

If you take advantage of the educational resources and materials provided by Largus Brokers, you can begin trading in no time at all. It is a fact that participating in the financial market is open to anyone and they just need to have some basic knowledge and training to help them understand what’s going on. You don’t have to be an expert in the stock market or the foreign exchange market to become a successful trader. Nevertheless, you do need to have a desire to learn and improve and the drive to practice if you want to get the results you are after. You can sign up with the broker, take advantage of its resources and begin your trading journey.

You don’t need a lot of money to get started

One of the most appealing facts about Largus Brokers is that it doesn’t required you to have huge sums of money to use its platforms for trading. You can get started by making a small deposit, which is around 250 EUR/GBP and trade whichever financial instrument you want. If you set aside even a small portion of your income on a monthly basis and trade it through the Largus Brokers platform, which can be a valuable investment for the future. Even when you are investing small sums of money, you can stay in control by deciding how much you are willing to lose and then not go overboard. This will ensure that you don’t lose more than you can afford.

You can earn some extra money with Largus Brokers

There are numerous online brokers available nowadays and give traders the opportunity to trade, but most people find their fee too high. Some may charge a fixed sum for every transaction whereas others apply a commission percentage and this increases trading costs. When you are trading, you obviously want a respectable return, but this can become impossible with some brokers. This is one thing you don’t need to worry about when using Largus Brokers because the broker doesn’t charge any fee or commission for every transaction. Instead, the broker earns its revenues through the spreads, which is considerably better for traders.

You can choose from various account options

At Largus Brokers, traders can find four different account types that are created to fulfill the varied needs of the users. From complete beginner to full-fledged professional trader, every account offers a range of benefits and features created to assist every trader in making the most out of every trade regardless of their skill level. If you are new in the world of trading, the Starter Account is where you need to focus. It is for traders who are taking their initial steps in the market so they need to be somewhat conservative.

New traders will feel secure with this account type and it will provide them with training and most importantly, experience, as they make their first trades. After opening this account, traders can access a Personal Account Manager for assistance, use Expert Advisors for automated trading and broaden their knowledge by using the Education and Knowledge center as well as the News section. This account with Largus Brokers is a wonderful place to start if you want to hit the ground running and boost your confidence.

Those who already have some of these basics will find the Silver account better suited for them. This is the next level after beginners for traders with some experience and knowledge of the markets. It also comes with some of the same features, but also gives traders the option of accessing webinars, which can be incredibly useful. This provides these traders the opportunity to talk to other more experienced and skilled traders and learn from their experience. Their guidance and tips can be extremely valuable to those who are still in the initial stages.

The third account type is called the Gold account and this is for those who have had a few years of experience and are now ready to advance to the next level. Here they can daily market alerts, use the advanced graphs, charts and other tools the broker has to offer, perform hedging and get some of the best market rates. The last account is the Premium one and this is for professional traders who are not just looking to make extra cash. It is ideally suited to traders who invest considerable sums of money in trading and consider it their profession and not just a way to supplement their income. It comes with advanced training, an Experienced Consultant and a Personal Bonus policy is also available.

You can use the trading platform of your choice

The trading platform a broker has available can determine what kind of experience you will have with them. These days, there are different platforms available and traders prefer to make their own choice instead of being told what to do. Largus Brokers has recognized this fact and so it offers its users with plenty of choices when it comes to using a trading platform. It has the widely demanded MT4 trading platform, which is the platform of choice of a ton of traders in the market because it is equipped with excellent features and tools. The platform is also fast and allows rapid trade executions without any lags or delays.

But, some traders prefer not to download or install anything and for them, Largus Brokers offers the Web Trader, which is a platform that can be accessed via the browser. You can use it on any of the renowned operating systems and it will also work smoothly. It also comes loaded with a variety of tools that are designed to help traders in determining the best possible move. Other than that, Largus Brokers has also introduced a Mobile Trading platform to keep up with technological advancements. These days, people are using their smartphones for pretty much everything and this also includes trading. Therefore, Largus Brokers presents them with the option of trading via their Android or iOS smartphones by using the Mobile Trading platform.

As you will read in many Largus Brokers reviews, it has a cutting edge user interface, works seamlessly and allows for fast executions, which is exactly what you want. There is no shortage of tools in this platform either and this is what traders are interested in.

You can trade the asset of your choice

What makes Largus Brokers good is the huge asset index it has to offer to its clientele. The broker has not just stuck to a handful of assets that are available. Instead, it has continued to remain flexible where its offerings are concerned and gives its customers access to more than 2,200 underlying financial instruments that can be traded at the most competitive rates in the market. You can trade all kinds of financial assets through the broker and it has tools specifically designed for each kind of trading.

For traders who are not very open to risks and don’t wish to trade volatile assets, Largus Brokers has offered indices, commodities, precious metals and energies, which are stable markets and can offer considerable returns when traded the right way. For more volatile options with high potential, there is the stock market, foreign exchange market and also cryptocurrencies. You will come across some unique offerings in each and have the freedom of choosing a position that’s comfortable for you.

Last, but most importantly, Largus Brokers has done something different by introducing stocks of Cannabis-producing and selling companies. That’s right; you can use the broker for buying and selling stocks of Cannabis companies as it is becoming accepted in various countries. These are quite risky, but they have a high profit potential due to Cannabis’ acceptance around the world.

You can benefit from the educational material

The educational material that Largus Brokers has compiled for its users is undoubtedly one of the best things about the broker. This indicates that the broker wants its customers to succeed in their trades because it has provided a wealth of information that can help them in this regard. There are e-books available on different kinds of trading, videos that give instructions on how to conduct trades, the strategies to use and other similar information. Plus, there are also webinars conducted by experts where traders can talk to skilled individuals and ask questions. There is a lot to learn for everyone, whether they are new to this world or have had experience.

You can benefit from excellent customer service

Lots of brokers offer great features, reliable trading conditions and reasonable rates, but their disastrous customer service often pushes users away. People don’t want to wait for hours and days waiting for their queries to be resolved. This is especially true in the trading world because even a few minutes can make a world of difference and lead to huge profits and losses. Largus Brokers is aware of how valuable a trader’s time is and has provided them with different options to get in touch with their customer service team.

First, there is an email address that can be used for sending it any queries or you can also use the online contact form on their website. Apart from that, they have phone numbers for their three offices located in Germany, Estonia and the United Kingdom so traders from any part of the world can reach out to them. They will receive a prompt and timely response and will have their issues resolved in any time.

These are some of the features and offerings that have made Largus Brokers the broker it is today and it is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the market. It has also done a spectacular job in other aspects like providing numerous deposit and withdrawal options to traders, which include local options. Also, the security measures taken by the broker are also an assurance that the possibility of your information being compromised is very low. It has AML and KYC policies in place and uses the strongest encryption to provide security and peace of mind to traders.

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