Broker Reviews Review – Fifteen Things You Are Going to Admire MDX500 For Review

An online broker has many ways to impress its trader. At the same time, the same broker can break the heart of its traders by ruining a few things. Talk about security and flexibility in trading, and you have many brokers who miss the mark completely when it comes to these factors. As a trader, you want the best of both worlds when you sign up with an online broker. You can’t make up your mind to sign up with a broker that does not fulfill all your trading requirements and provide you with a trading platform that you think is designed for you.

Online trading is a great experience for as long as your broker is doing things right. More importantly, the broker has to do a lot of things right to win your heart and convince you to sign up on its trading platform. Every online broker understands the competition that exists in the online trading world today. And for that reason, they are all trying to do their best to give their traders what others don’t offer. Among these hustlers, you have MDX500, which is a broker with quite a reputation among traders these days. Why are its traders so impressed with its services?

We’ll look at fifteen reasons that make MDX500 one of the best online brokers in this review. So, let’s do it.

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Fifteen Reasons That Make Traders Admire MDX500

1.      A Proven Record

When it comes to the online trading industry, you will hear a lot of talk. You have brokers telling you all kinds of things about themselves. When you listen to them, it seems as though there is no other broker like them. However, the ground reality is always quite different from the claims made by these brokers. So, what you should do is to completely ignore the false claims and look at numbers. The right broker will prove its points with numbers, statistics, and figures. And that’s what MDX500 is doing on its website. You can find some great numbers that prove that MDX500 is one of the best brokers.

As per the statistics given on the website of the broker, 90% of the traders who sign up with MDX500 never go with any other broker after that. That’s more like a story of the satisfaction level of the broker’s traders. At the same time, you should know that UK Best Trading Providers is always working for the benefits of the traders. This company has given MDX500 an A+ rating, which is something many other brokers are always trying to achieve. However, only the best ones get this rating. In addition to that, you have more than 12,000 different agents who can help you with your journey to trading.

The company has been around for more than 12 years now, which also goes to show that it is doing something right to stay a part of the industry for so long. Fraudsters and scammers disappear within a couple of years of operation.

2.      A Modern Trading Platform

The trading platform from the broker is one of the best out there. You will see many online brokers offering you the clichéd third party softwares for trading. However, you want something that has been designed with modern traders in mind, and that’s where Active8 from the broker comes in. This trading platform is one of the best when you look at all the features that make a trading platform great. You can download and use it on your desktop computer with ease. However, if you want to use the trading platform on the move, you can download in on your smartphone as well.

You don’t have to worry if you have an Android or iPhone. This trading platform can be downloaded on either operating systems, and it will work equally smoothly on both these operating systems.

3.      Customer Support

Customer support should not be something optional. However, it seems that many online brokers have chosen this path. If you research online brokers, you will realize that many of them have stopped providing you with their contact details. Usually, you will have to work with an online form that you can fill with your details to send a query. In other words, you don’t even have an email address from the broker with you. In some cases, the broker provides a detailed FAQs section on the website, which you have to use to get answers to your questions. But what if you want to talk to a live person to get instant help? Well, there is no option like that.

However, a genuine broker will never try to run away from its traders and their questions. That’s what MDX500 is all about. The broker has provided you with an online contact form and an email address that you can use to send in your inquiries. In addition to that, you have a phone number on the website that you can use to call the company and talk to someone who can help you instantly with your issues.

4.      Plenty of Forex Trading Pairs

You have plenty of online brokers that provide you with forex trading. In fact, forex brokers might be the highest in number on the internet. Now, with many of them, you still do not get access to all the forex currency pairs that you want to. The assets you get access to are pretty limited with them. In many cases, the broker provides you with access to only the major currency pairs. Major currency pairs are the ones in which one of the currencies is always the USD. If you are not looking to trade USD, you just can’t find any option to trade with those brokers.

With MDX500, you will find plenty of additional options. You have minor currency pairs as well, the currency pairs that don’t include the USD. In fact, when you sign up with this broker, you will also be able to trade exotic currency pairs. You hardly find these pairs with online brokers because of their volatility. However, MDX500 is giving you all the opportunities to trade like you want to and without any restrictions.

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5.      Many Cryptocurrency Options

Another great financial market that has started to gain traction in recent years is the cryptocurrency market. The world is finally realizing the importance of digital assets, and that’s why there are millions of traders from around the world who want to invest their money in cryptocurrencies. However, they don’t always have the best options available to them with online brokers. Many online brokers are operating with only Bitcoin trading. When you sign up with them, you can only trade Bitcoin. This limits your options and you are forced to trade a cryptocurrency that’s extremely volatile and huge in value. Some traders consider it too risky and never start trading.

However, a broker like MDX500 is making things easier for the traders by offering them other cryptocurrencies for trading as well. This broker will give you access to Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and some other cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin for trading. You will love to trade with the broker because you can get leverages on these assets as well despite their volatility.

6.      Easy Entry for New Traders

Are you a new trader who wants to minimize risks while starting his/her trading career? Is it that you don’t’ have a lot of money to trade right now? Well, it is a thing of the past when you had to have a lot of money to start trading. Today, you can start with a very small amount, thanks to brokers like MDX500. This broker has made it easy for new traders to enter the financial markets and trade. When you sign up with a broker, you have to open a trading account. To open a trading account, you have to make an initial deposit in it. But do you have thousands of dollars to make this deposit?

Well, when you sign up with a broker like MDX500, you will not have to spend thousands of dollars to start your trading account. With this broker, you can start with a small amount of just $250. Yes, deposit this amount in your account, and you will be good to start trading in all the financial markets.

7.      Great Leverage for All Traders

Before you sign up with MDX500, you have to know that this broker is going to provide you with CFD trading. This type of trading is different from the traditional format of trading. When you trade stocks and forex currency pairs traditionally, you have to buy those assets in reality. On the other hand, that’s not the case when you sign up with MDX500. This broker is going to make things easy for you by allowing you to trade CFDs. When you trade CFDs, you only trade the contracts of the assets. The best part about this type of trading is that you get to enjoy some huge leverages.

With MDX500, you will get leverages of 1:30 on your trades. What it means is that you have to spend only $1 to get $30 contributed by your broker. As a result, the size of your trade will increase exponentially, and that will allow you to make huge profits on your trades. It does not matter which account you pick because you will get this leverage with every account type.

8.      Tight Spreads

One of the first things you have to focus on when you are signing up with a broker is the spread. What are spreads? Well, these are the price differences when you buy or sell an asset from the broker on its trading platform. The buying and selling price of the broker is always going to be different from the market price of the asset. This difference allows the broker to make money from its traders. However, the best brokers out there make things easy for their traders by making their spreads very tight. Tight spreads mean that you can earn a huge part of the profit that you make on your trades.

So, the spreads you are going to encounter when you trade with MDX500 depend on the type of account you choose. Yes, that’s true! You can change the spread based on the account type you go for. The broker offers some tight spreads with the standard account i.e. 1.3 pips. On the other hand, the best spreads are available to traders who sign up with the VIP account, i.e. 0.1 pips.

9.      Islamic Account

There are Muslims around the world who want to trade just like other traders. However, their religious beliefs prevent them from signing up with traditional accounts with online brokers. The interest rates involved in regular accounts are not allowed to Muslims in their religion. However, a broker like MDX500 accommodates traders from around the world, and thus it has all the options available for all types of traders. If you are a Muslim looking for an Islamic way of trading, you will love to sign up with MDX500. This broker allows you to open the Islamic account and trade without breaking the guidelines of your religion.

You will be happy to know that you can go with any account with this broker, as the Islamic account option is available for you with every type of account.

10.  No Commissions

The worst online broker is one that introduces hidden charges at the eleventh hour. So, you sign up with an online broker, make a successful trade, and just when you are about to collect your profits through a withdrawal, you get to know that you have to pay some commissions to the broker. This can be very discouraging. Not to mention, these commissions and hidden fees take a huge part of the profits you make on your trades away from you. Unfortunately, there are more brokers on the internet who do this than you may want to deal with. So, you want to sign up with a broker like MDX500.

This broker does not have any hidden fees or commissions to haunt you at the time of collecting your profits from your account. It does not matter which account you sign up with because there are no commissions at all.

11.  Professional Support and Help

Nervousness is common when you are a new trader and you are still understanding things. When you sign up with other brokers, you will notice that they have the best features added to only the advanced accounts. When you sign up with them as a new trader with a basic account, you don’t really get access to the finest features that can help you overcome your fear of trading. However, things will be different when you sign up with MDX500. This broker is going to make your life easy by providing you with all the professional support that you need. If you look at the account types from the broker, professional support is a feature added to every account type.

But that’s not it. You will also notice that there is a personal account management service that you can get from this broker when you sign up. The best part is that you can take the help of a personal account manager regardless of the type of account you choose.

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12.  Information Encryption

This particular piece of information should be checked by every trader in the world before they sign up with an online broker. Online trading is a serious business. When you sign up with online brokers, you have to provide them with a lot of personal and banking information for the purpose of signing up, identifying yourself, and depositing and withdrawing money from your account. Now, when you provide information of this sensitive nature, you have to be sure that the broker is doing something to protect it. Yes, when you sign up with this broker, your information will be protected.

The broker has made sure to have all the encryption and SSL certificates in place to ensure the safety of your information. As soon as you submit your information to the broker, it gets encrypted and protected from any unauthorized parties who are trying to steal it.

13.  Ethically Conscious Trading Platform

You see, when people buy products or subscribe to services these days, they a lot more than just the product or service. They want to make sure that the brand they are being a part of stands for something good. That’s why you see so many different brand focusing so much on their corporate social responsibility. In addition to that, a trader would only want to sign up with a broker who is operating ethically. This ensures that the broker will not betray the trader at any point. You will be glad to know that MDX500 is one of the most ethical brokers on the internet.

The broker has proper AML and KYC policies implemented to make sure that every trader that signs up on its trading platform is a genuine trader and not a faker. Money launderers cannot even think about signing up with this broker considering the amount of identification information that this broker requires at the time of signup.

14.  Great Trading Information

Your broker is supposed to help you with trading, not just provide you with a trading platform where you can trade. If you are a new trader, you would not know much about trading. You might end up with trades that go completely against you. Is the broker you are signing up with providing you with any help with trading? Are you going to learn any trading techniques, analyses, strategies, etc. when you sign up with this broker? You are going to learn a lot when you sign up with this broker. In fact, most other brokers offer you their training material only when you sign up with them and deposit money in your account.

With this broker, you will get access to a lot of trading-related information right on the website. You will learn about global economies and get updates from the live forex market. You can also use forex trading indicators to make sure that you enter only well-informed trades that have some potential of yielding profits for you.

15.  Safety of Your Funds

Last but not least, you have to pay attention to how your broker is going to store your money when you deposit it in your account. Now, the broker you sign up with can be serious or non-serious with your money. There are things that might not seem very important to you when you are new to the trading world. For example, the online trading world requires online brokers to put the money of the traders in separate accounts. In other words, the broker cannot put the money you deposit in your account in its own account. This will put your money at a very high risk.

So, in a situation wherein a financial regulatory authority decides to monitor and investigate the financial matters of the broker out of suspect of illegal activities, the account of the broker can get locked or frozen. If your money is in the same account, you will lose access to it when the broker does. On the other hand, if your money has been put in separate accounts by the broker, you will have access to that money even when the broker’s own account has been frozen or temporarily blocked during its investigation. You will be happy to know that MDX500 puts all the money you deposit in your account in segregated accounts in your best interest.

Final Thoughts

These are the fifteen reasons that definitely make MDX500 one of the best online brokers. You will notice that this broker does not make any false claims or tell you that you can become rich by trading with it. It is a professional broker with a professional and one of the best trading platforms in the world. Its trading conditions are trader-friendly and its safety features offer its traders the true peace of mind. If you want to sign up with a great online broker, make MDX500 a part of your best brokers’ list.

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