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Monafoli Review – Top Reasons To Sign Up With This Broker

Monafoli Review

Monafoli logoIf you are somewhat into trading, you would have known by now that if you want a career in online trading, a trustworthy online broker would be your best friend. And, if you are well aware of the above-given fact, and are on the hunt for a reliable broker, then Monafoli could be a good option for you. Monafoli is an established as well as knowledgeable broker. It has been in the market for quite some time, and through its years of experience, it can successfully understand the requirements of all sorts of traders, either new or professional. In given below Monafoli review, you will get more information about this online brokerage firm.

Brief Overview of Monafoli

Monafoli is an online trading broker that has been serving customers from all over the world. It offers its customers a broad spectrum of equity and an uncomplicated trading platform. You can access this trading platform of Monafoli with a desktop system or your mobile.

Monafoli has made the process of making money effortless with its high-tech features and trading tools. However, online trading is indeed a complicated process, but brokers like Monafoli now seem simple to various traders. This brokerage firm first understood the demands of modern-day traders and then created an online trading platform that could fulfill those requirements. The thing that in all these years, Monafoli has not been involved in a single scandal is enough to prove that this broker is genuine. The reason for telling you this is to trust this broker without a shred of doubt and start trading your desired assets. The security system of Monafoli is up to the mark and saves customers from becoming victims of cyberattacks.

Monafoli is Unique and Versatile

According to various brokerage firms, if they give their clients a vast range of options, the results would be favourable, but unfortunately, this is not always true. If you think about it, you will wonder why we are writing this because it seems so wonderful to have as many options and features at your disposal. But you would not even use many of those features and options, so they are useless to you. But they will intimidate and confuse those traders who are new to that trading platform. Because of that Monafoli has made sure to give traders all the necessities for their trading business and not get lost in that process.

Moreover, it is also a discussion that a good trading platform will not benefit you for a long time. Although some factors should never be ignored, like customer service, asset index, safety, privacy and fund storage, but the need for a reliable broker should be your top priority. While trading, you are hiding behind that trading platform, and that platform is linking you to financial markets out there and providing you with everything you need in order to benefit from those markets. Without that trading platform, you will never be able to stay in touch with those markets and benefit from them.

Monafoli website

Monafoli has created a trading platform that is diverse and attractive but also very advanced and has visual commands. You can contact their customer service centre at any hour of the day for seven days a week. It means that any complication you might have could be quickly resolved. Monafoli’s trading platform has different sections for different categories of services to ease customers and make the trading process seamless.

How to Start with Monafoli?

Monafoli has given a series of steps on their website to ease anyone new in the trading world because not everyone is an expert in trading and would need as much help as possible following those steps.

When you are starting any business, it is essential to get as much information about it as possible before actually starting it. The same is the case with online trading. Your first step should be to learn about this field. On the trading platform of Monafoli, there is a wide variety of tools, advanced graphs, and calendars. That could be intimidating for a new trader. If you don’t know how and when to use these tools, you can obviously not benefit from them while you are doing actual trading. First, you must learn about them, and the good thing is you would not have to go anywhere else to know about them. Monafoli will guide you about them at their educational centre. This center contains all the knowledge to help the traders get used to the platform before starting trading on that platform.

In the second step, you will be making a decision about which account do you want. That is a thoughtful process because your choice of account should be based on your needs. Monafoli has millions of traders around the globe, and not all of them are the same. Some of them are more experienced than others, and some are entirely new in this field and require a lot of help from their trading platform.

Only one account type cannot accompany the needs of such a wide variety of traders because of their different needs and mindsets. The solution to this problem can only be multiple account types. Monafoli has given the option of multiple account types to its customers, and they all have different amenities and deposit limitations. The lower account levels are available at more affordable rates than the high account levels. They are also not as sophisticated as high-level accounts, but they provide all the necessary options that a trader might need. After you choose your desired account level, you will have to sign up for that Monafoli account, and for that, you will have to provide your personal information.

The third step is to deposit money into your account. That will complete the registration process. Each account level has a different minimum deposit limit and keeping that in mind, you have to deposit that specific amount of money into your account. For example, if your chosen account has a minimum deposit limit of $300, you have to deposit $300 into that account. To deposit the money, you can wire transfer it or use a debit or credit card.

This is the final step, and in this step, you will actually start trading like you will invest your money in your favourite assets. If you are clever in your selection of assets and adequately use the trading tools and options of Monafoli, then no doubt you can get financial stability for yourself.

Unique Features of Monafoli

Monafoli unique features

Given below is the list of some exceptional features of Monafoli. Learning about them will help you in the future while making trades through the Monafoli platform.

Updated Platform of Monafoli

We all know the feeling that we have while using software that is low and gets stuck all the time. No matter how interesting that program is, those things can make it uninteresting. Imagine if you have a trading platform like this. Not only your trading experience will be sluggish, but it will also cause a lot of disruptions. Surely no one wants to use that platform that does not give you a user-friendly interface. That is where Monafoli comes in because their online trading platform is updated and user-friendly. They have put such hard work into the development of that program to make it uncomplicated for its users. You will be familiar with the functionalities of that platform in just 10 to 15 minutes. They have made sure that their trading platform is straightforward and that trading through it is effortless.

Free Demo Account

If you are a newbie in the trading world, you must find it complicated and confusing. And if you are unable to find a good broker for your business, you are in much more trouble than you can anticipate because your career and your money are constantly at stake.

Monafoli is one of those brokers that offer a free demo account for its customers, which was done previously in 2007. You can instantly start trading with this demo account just like you would with a real account, except the money you would invest in assets is fictitious. By using demo accounts, newcomers can try their luck in trading without risking their money. In simple words, the demo account is the fake version of an existing account, which helps new traders to learn the trading process. After you complete that fee trial, you can start trading with actual money confidently, keeping in mind what you have learned about the features of that broker from using that demo account.

Multiple Device Compatibility

People like to travel and want to be able to do business from anywhere in the world. Monafoli allows you to keep track of your deals and money transactions while you are traveling, so you don’t stay behind on your trading tasks. Also, you are able to do it with any device. It could be your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Monafoli brokerage firm has designed a website that is compatible with almost all devices. You can access the Monafoli website using any device having an internet connection from anywhere on the planet as we know that in this modern age, no one wants to stay confined to only one place.

Advanced Security System of Monafoli

If any brokerage firm underestimates the importance of the security system of their trading platform, they do not care about their clients. Monafoli is not one of these brokers. It has tried its best to give its customers an excellent trading experience. The professional and genuine broker always prefers the safety of their clients above anything. A trader has to deal with many important decisions like market movements, which assets to purchase, which to invest, etc. With all those things in his head, if he also has to worry about the safety of his information and assets, then, of course, his performance as a trader will suffer. A professional broker like Monafoli takes this very seriously and saves its customers from such worries so they can focus entirely on trading.

Monafoli has incorporated the two best privacy policies into its trading software. The first one is the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy. To follow this policy, the firm will keep track of all the details of its customers. KYC policy requires that the traders share sufficient information of their identification and accommodation to stop fake registrations on the trading platform. The National identity card represents that the person is a legitimate citizen of a specific country. The registration process of Monafoli requires a scanned copy of the National identity card.

The second policy is Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy. This policy requires the complete observation of traders’ transactions and deposits. This monitoring of customers’ assets is crucial to avoid any criminal behaviour like money laundering and terrorism funding on behalf of the customer.

Because of these policies and the SSL encryption technology, the Monafoli trading platform is able to avoid any criminal activities.

Various Trading Instruments offered by Monafoli

With the advancement of the trading profession on a digital level, trading instruments also have their trading interface. Any trader who wants to invest in multiple assets has to search multiple sites to do so. With time many brokerage firms started offering various assets on one platform, and eventually, this trend became popular. Monafoli is one such broker. Below is the list of some assets offered by Monafoli.

  • Stocks

Monafoli gives the opportunity to trade the stocks of some outstanding corporations like Tesla, Apple, Google, Amazon, along with many others. It has updated information on these marketplaces and any related changes if you want to invest in any of them.

  • Commodities

A specific team at Monafoli will help you in the selection of commodities you want to invest in based on market strategies. Monafoli offers a wide range of hard and soft commodities, including metals like gold or silver, fuel like petrol, etc., and food items like beverages.

  • Forex

It is a huge market because it has a massive range of options, and the daily investment volume is high. A study shows that investment in FX pairs could result in trillions of dollars. The forex currency pairs include the most favoured fiats alongside currencies from countries with volatile exchange rates. Whenever the demand of any currency increases, its price in the international market also increases, and the people who have invested in that currency profit.

  • Indices

A group of any company’s stocks and assets used to keep track of its progress is called indices. Investing in indices can lead to more profit gain than investing in a single asset.

  • Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are the favourite choice of millions of traders around the globe for trading. Monafoli offers its customers to invest in several popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which is now known as “Digital Gold.” it would not be wrong to say that its importance is now equal to the other profitable assets despite it being the newest asset in the trading market. Along with Bitcoin, the other cryptocurrencies offered for investment are Tether, Etherum, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Binance.

Functional Customer Support Centre

To highlight the importance of the customer support centre of any brokerage firm, let’s take an example. Suppose you made a mistake while you are making a trade. In any such scenario, you will turn to your broker for help. Many traders make mistakes during the trading process. But many firms do not put as much attention on customer care centres as they should. But Monafoli has gone to great lengths and designed a responsive and detailed customer service centre.

Monafoli is such a trading platform that genuinely cares about its customers. They even let you decide by using which method you are comfortable in contact with them. Here is a brief description of how to contact them. They have a pretty comprehensive FAQs section on their website. This section has answers to all standard and frequently asked problems. These everyday things could be about privacy policies, funds, asset index, and many other things. If the solution to the issue you are facing is not in the FAQs section, then you can contact the customer care centre through live chat or email, according to your convenience. You can even talk to them on a phone call on the number given on the website. You can also fill out a form provided on the website to tell them about your problem. The website content of Monafoli is available in five languages, i.e. English, German, Spanish, Turkish and Italian, for the convenience of customers of different nationalities.


The Monafoli online trading platform will provide you with a diverse range of trading tools and access to countless global financial markets, all without any threat to your privacy and security. If you are considering a career in online trading, then Monafoli could be your perfect companion. Any trader would be lucky to find an online broker like Monafoli, which cares about its customers on a personal level.

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