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New VaynerX NFT Division Inks A Non-Fungible Token Agency Deal With Budweiser

Gary Vaynerchuk, the founder of, VaynerMedia, VaynerX, and other platforms, has been strongly advocating NFT. VeeFriends, a dedicated NFT program owned by him, reportedly escalated to $11 million in the secondary market while collecting above $100K as the charity during the process. This week, the launch of a new venture named VaynerNFT has been announced by VaynerX, and it further added that the newly launched project had signed a deal with the company ‘AB InBev,’ which is parenting Budweiser.

Vayner NFT as a further step in the partnership

VaynerMedia and Budweiser have been partners for almost a decade. There has been cooperation between the firms over the beverage product, and presently they initiated another venture to boost it up. Budweiser adopted VaynerNFT for the production of NFTs featuring the products of the beverage firm. In this way, Vayner NFT has become the first company of its kind to sign a deal with a large firm like Budweiser.

The main purposes of VaynerNFT include consultation for systematic integration of NFT for products. The group will provide NFT projects having far-reaching value, broadening the fresh revenue streams leveraging the owned assets and IPs as well as constructing distinct value adds to benefit NFT holders.

Great flexibility has been shown by VaynerNFT regarding its working, the services provided to the customers that consist of executive abilities which are large-scale and strictly consulting. Richard Oppy, the CEO of AB InBev in Global Brands, stated that the firm is seeking new means to incorporate the latest technologies for providing the customers with the best experience.

A bullish temperament

The actions of Gary Vee and the group signify a great optimism regarding the marketplace of NFT. Gary Vaynerchuk will himself lead the new NFT division Vayner NFT in association with Avery Akkineni (a veteran).

Vaynerchuk discussed that presently the NFTs are spanning a large portion of the crypto ecosystem; therefore, it is significant for the brands to inquire the ways to have complete leverage on the space moving from the opening to the execution. VaynerNFT is collaborating with a lot of partners, including a recent association with Mike Novogratz of Galaxy Digital and Michael Rubin of Fanatic for the commencement of an NFT project for Candy Digital. The company began its business through a partnership with a baseball organization of America named Major League Baseball.

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