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NFT Artist Itzel Yard Earns 500 Ethereum (ETH) Via the Sale Of the Art Piece “Dreaming at Dusk”

The first NFT auction from the Tor Project has closed successfully. Earlier this week, there was an announcement from the Tor Project that there would be an auctioning of a historical art piece in the form of a non-fungible token.

This NFT would be a list opener for the items to be auctioned by the company, and it is the cryptographic key used for the creation of ‘Dreaming at Dusk,’ the first Tor Onion Service.

‘Dreaming at dusk’ is a piece of art created from the cryptographic key by ixshells, a female artist also known as Itzel Yard.

The $2 million (500 ETH) NFT

The auction for the cryptographic key was concluded recently, and PleasrDAO, the highest bidder, won with 500 ETH to oust Jesse Powell, the CEO of Kraken. This group of collectors is now in possession of this historical piece of art. The equivalent of the value of Ether spent to acquire this art is roughly $2 million, and it will be used for the benefits of the Tor Project through the improvement of Tor’s censorship circumvention and privacy tools.

The operation of the Tor project is non-profit, and it was created as a means of offering internet users privacy in the form of onion services. This project was created over 15 years ago and has seen numerous massive supports from offering safe and private internet browsing. Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden have made use of the Tor project’s service.

PleasrDAO became a Winner of Another NFT Bid

Snowden commented on the NFT auction. He said: “NFTs, for a while, has been quite successful for the technology charities.” Ridiculously, PleasrDAO were also the highest bidders of the NFT auction by Snowden limited, which generated a total of $8.6 million from 2224 ETH.

Though Beeple, also known as Mike Winkelmann, is the holder of the record price for an NFT, having won a bid worth $69 million, the ‘Dreaming at Dusk’ by Yard became the most expensive NFT for a female artist.

Making comments about the profitable collaboration of Yard and Tor Project, Linsday Howard, the head of the community, said: “We are more than excited to watch the Tor Project launch into the world of NFT with a partnership with Itzel Yard, a famous artist. Itzel is the co-founder of Creative Code Art and is an advocate for the whole community of artists who is keen on coding creatively.”

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