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Number Of Global Cryptocurrency ATM Installations Increases By 70% This Year

Over 10k recent digital currency ATMs will be installed around the world by 2021, with the US leading the way.

Together with the ten-year-long acceptance push of digital currencies, the enthusiasm behind the construction of digital currency ATMs has increased drastically across the world. According to Coin ATM Radars statistics, the deployment of digital currency ATMs has increased by 71.7 percent just alone in 2021, increasing from a mere 13.9k on the 1st of January to a whopping 24k at the current time of writing this article.

In 2020, the worldwide digital currency ATMs count increased by 120 percent to 13.9k, as some 7.6k new ATMs were deployed within the last year. The year 2021 saw the deployment of 10,000 ATMs. According to statistics, digital currency ATMs are now being built at a much faster rate of around 52.3 ATMs each day.

As per the statistics collected in the previous seven days, the US now dominates in the digital currency ATMs sector, having deployed approximately 48 ATMs every single day. As per Cointelegraph, the US currently consists of somewhat 16.84k ATMs. The number of ATMs in the United States has increased by an impressive 177 percent in just a year.

Digital currency ATMs are available in 75 different sovereign states and are mostly supported by 42 different manufacturers. As per Coin ATM Radar statistics on producers of such ATMs, Genesis Coin has 40.9 percent of the total market percentage. At the same time, General Bytes has about a 24 percent market percentage. Other competitors, such as Coinsource, Bitstop, and BitAccess, account for the rest of 35 percent of the total industry.

Bitcoin Depot is among the major maintainers of the biggest cryptocurrency’s ATM network, which recently released a statement to the press about a collaboration with Circle K in order to deploy digital currency machines across Canada and the United States. Since then, the collaboration has led to the deployment of almost 700 BTC ATMs.

More than 3,500 digital currency ATMs machines are operated by Bitcoin Depot across Canada and the United States, enabling customers to buy more than 30 different digital currencies, such as BTC or Bitcoin, ETH or Ethereum, and even LTC or Litecoin.

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