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Paris Hilton Buys The Dip and Gives Away Free NFTs

NFTs have been building momentum in all sectors of the economy. Companies are not the only ones joining the train as actors, actresses, and other influential individuals are catching the fever.

One of such persons is the beautiful American socialite, Paris Hilton, a businesswoman. The celebrity has carved an empire of her own. More than being an actress, Hilton is also a renowned author, influencer, investor and designer.

Last year, the socialite was all over the Internet talking about the NFT market’s opportunities. She has been involved in several activities relating to NFTs and cryptocurrency from her biography. So, it is no news that she is an ardent lover of crypto and NFTs. 

Her love for cryptocurrencies started six years ago. The Guardian Newspaper reported that her interest in crypto started after she became close to the founders of ETH, the platform producing ether.

According to Forbes, Hilton ranked number 7 in the list of people that have been very influential to the NFT community. She also won the Best Charity NFT at the 2020 NFTs Award. Also, Hilton collaborated with Sevens Foundation to provide a platform for female artists to showcase their work as NFTs and earn from it.

Paris Hilton Buys The Dip

On the 26th of January, CNBC reported the female celebrity has faith in cryptocurrencies, the metaverse and NFTs. She believes these tokens have immense value and will increase in years to come. As a result, she has bought more of the dip. 

Hilton is not the only one taking advantage of the recent drop in the price of cryptocurrencies. Most persons who were unable to enter the market before are doing so now with high hopes of making more money when the market finally becomes bullish.

From her meeting with CNBC, she is still bullish about the crypto market, even with the recent dip that has been recorded in the past months. Analysts were optimistic that the price of popular crypto would increase before the end of last year, but the reverse was the case. Many crypto traders lost millions of dollars.

As for her stance on the metaverse, the businesswoman hosted a New Year’s Eve celebration on “Paris World.” Paris World is a metaverse that she created using the Robox platform.

The NFT Giveaway

On the 24th of January, the actress featured alongside Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight’s Show” hosted by CNBC. The show began with both stars discussing their interest in the boring ape NFT collection they bought. 

As the show progressed, Hilton announced her partnership with Superplastic to launch her NFT collection. She has spent over six months designing an NFT known as “My Forever Fairytale.” The NFT collection is based on the memories shared with her husband.

Right there on the show, she gave Jimmy and every member of the audience the fairy tale NFT for free. This giveaway is the first of its kind on live television. We are expecting more of Hilton’s activities in the crypto community.

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