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Red Bull has Launched Limited Edition NFT Collection

Non-fungible tokens are not so hidden anymore because these have gone mainstream in the last couple of months, and their demand along with production has increased significantly too. This time around, the Formula One team has released their latest set of an NFT collection, which will be available for auction soon enough. This will be a limited edition NFT for 2021 under the signature name of ‘RB16B’. This is the latest and possibly the last NFT to be added into Red Bull Racing NFT collectible space introduced by Honda.

This strategic collection also serves as a celebration of the 2021 Mexican Grand Prix and one of the most enchanted racers ‘Sergio Checo Perez’. Other than the RB16B NFT collection, some other things of the racer will be up for auction. Some of these are the race suits of Sergio from various races, his helmet, and the race suit of another well-known fellow racer ‘Max Verstappen.’ The helmet NFT of Sergio was at first released without any cost to the fans who coined this opportunity earlier than most and was made out of a giveaway.

NFT Adoption Expands

However, the helmet sold pretty amazingly and almost immediately. Sergio is better known for his affiliation with the rising NFT market in Formula One racing. Back in the day, Red Bull partnered with Tezos as the blockchain developer for various NFTs, which were to be presented before the fans in the upcoming weeks and months. The success of these non-fungible tokens speaks for itself; if the initial rollout was not successful enough, then definitely Red Bull F1 would have finished the campaign, but that is not the case.

Definitely, these non-fungible tokens are selling, and people are buying them or at least taking some immaculate interest in this whole deal which is why these are still selling, and new ones are being minted as we speak. This, however, will be the last NFT for 2021, but that too depends on the developers not changing their mind, or if they do, then the good thing is that fans would be able to get their hands on various new ones.

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