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Ripple Price Prediction: XRP will Claim $1.5 in Coming Days

Despite the fact that there is an active lawsuit between XRP and the Securities and Exchange Commission, the cryptocurrency is definitely making some waves within the crypto market. Because of the lawsuit, it was believed earlier that it certainly might not be able to hold its ground within the United States as well as it is doing on the international waters, but that too has changed. The recent data shows that XRP is all but ready to take the $1.5 mark after being able to increase almost 30% in value in a matter of days.

The current XRP price chart hints at another all-time high that might be achieved by the cryptocurrency in the coming weeks. It is already the fourth quarter of 2021, and after being bullish for many days, XRP is now definitely going to take the lead here and achieve another all-time high. The chart says recently showed a golden cross appearing for XRP, and it has appeared a variety of times before, bringing into account the XRP price charts.

The last time a golden cross appeared was on 10th August, which allowed the cryptocurrency to have an 80% price rally where it reached 1.43 dollars and then was squished backwards. The overall all-time high for XRP would have to be 1.98 dollars, and since that, the cryptocurrency has been playing a hide and seek game with the market by trying to achieve a particular resistance and then failing to do so. All of this is changing rapidly as XRP has shown a variety of golden crosses over time which clearly means that the cryptocurrency is all but ready to take on the adventure and cross the resistance that lies in front of it.

The wedge pattern, for instance, is also rising, which hints at strong bullish trends for cryptocurrency in the upcoming days. It is possible that while XRP wins the lawsuit from the SEC, there will be definitely a substantial price boost which the crypto market will be able to enjoy dearly.

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