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Seven Blockchain Firms Have Accepted MasterCard’s Crypto Accelerator

A new gaggle of firms has embraced Start Path Crypto (SPC), a Web3 collaboration initiative. Mastercard, an international settlement system, is the initiator of the program. The company has been supporting various financial firms in achieving their goals.

Mastercard, in recent times, has focused on promoting blockchain technology, crypto, and digital funds firms. The company offers diverse opportunities to many firms to stimulate their growth. Different batches of companies have enjoyed the dividends of the Mastercard mentorship program since its inception.

In this batch of SPC, seven crypto firms from various countries of the world were shortlisted. The firms will be eligible to enjoy the company’s channels and clients, mentorship, and technology partnership. Also, they will be privileged to broaden their operations into a new marketplace. The new batch will be merged with 18 other firms previously shortlisted for the initiative.

Overview of Mastercard’s SPC Initiative

The rendezvous initiative is a component of Mastercard SPC, which is a six months accelerator package. The program was unveiled for fintech firms in 2004, and over 350 firms have benefitted from it. The firms were selected from 40 countries since the commencement of the program.

Mastercard has served as a global platform with over 90 million merchandisers since its establishment. The company reckons that its acquaintance in safeguarding numerous payments blockades will help crypto firms. They will be able to operate in a secure digital space that Mastercard has enabled.

The company asserted that “Non-fungible tokens (NFT), blockchain games, and metaverse happenings will revamp industries. It will modify how client orders service or goods and, in turn, improve communication. There is an urgent necessity for a partnership that will propagate upgrading. The combination of blockchain tech, fintech, banking institutions, and crypto will open prospects.” 

The seven crypto firms that have accepted MasterCard’s crypto accelerator include:

  • Digital Treasures Center; the firm is a Singapore-owned firm that encourages traders to perform their transactions using crypto and DTC pay.
  • Fasset;  the firm is a digital funds platform located in Dhabi
  • Loot Bolt; is a United States of America (US) owned firm that transforms institutions through Web3 settlement systems.
  • Quadrata; is a US firm that ensures the security of identities through public blockchain technology. 
  • Stable; is a Colombian company that solidifies all transnational currencies encompassing stablecoins.
  • TBTM Studios; is a Dubai firm that uses blockchain to transform culture into digital assets by compensating its users. 
  • Uptop; is a US-owned firm that created a platform where companies can regulate customer liaison


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