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Shibarium Witnesses Thousands of Unbelievable Submissions

The lead developer of famous initiatives such as Shibarium and the SHIB token, pseudonymous Shytoshi Kusama, has announced through a social media platform, Telegram, the large numbers that have reached out to the Shiba Inu community desiring to partner with Shibarium.

According to U.Today, the lead developer posted another tweet, reporting that the arrangements for the Shibarium launch are being finalized. Additionally, Shytoshi Kusama posted on another social media platform, Twitter, with a connection to Spotify, purporting that the song was on repeat while they finalized.

Massive Submissions

The lead developer thanked the members for these massive submissions, echoing that this strengthens the SHIB community. Then, Shytoshi Kusama disclosed a few things about the upcoming launch of the Shibarium Beta. He also added that everybody should feel free to join the network. According to his announcement, there were unbelievable submissions.

The lead developer emphasized that the SHIB community evaluates all submissions and announced that the application reactions would be issued over the weekend. He added that those who filled out their applications would receive a response over the weekend. He continued that the community was preparing and focusing the attention each submission desired.

Updates on Shibarium Beta

Shytoshi Kusama also disclosed why he had been quiet for a moment. The explanation is that the lead developer has been operating with other groups under his management to offer timely upgrades for the SHIB metaverse and the Shibarium Beta version, which organizes to present its WAGMI Temple Hub at the SXSW occasion that is to take place later.

The lead developer made his point of making it known that once Shibarium introduces ShibaSwap, the cross-chain platform will work as the main DEX of Shibarium. Currently, the whole focus of the SHIB team is on the upcoming release of Shibarium Beta.

The SHIB community is eagerly awaiting its launch, and the lead developer continues to spark the launch of the Shibarium network. However, the Shibarium lead developer has hesitated to announce the network’s release date, regardless of the relentless request from the SHIB community.

Shiba Inu Advances

SHIB remains the biggest token position pegged to the dollar value, representing the growing demand for Shiba Inu. Furthermore, the imminent arrival of Layer-2 Shibarium could have added to the whale’s sentiment on SHIB.

Following the challenges currently witnessed in the crypto industry, It is unbelievable that SHIB is trading slightly higher above the main support level as bulls attempt to recover ground above this level. Another probability is that Shiba Inu might alleviate close to its existing levels before making a sensible move.

On the other hand, BTCC, a London-based crypto exchange platform, has reported that it has included SHIB in its list of backed assets. The platform includes Shiba Inu in its exchange to offer more transaction chances for the community. The platform has provided virtual and digital asset exchange services since its introduction over a decade ago.

The exchange platform is registered in the United Kingdom and possesses permits in the United States, Europe, and Canada. The inclusion of Shiba Inu to the platform’s list of backed assets is a fragment of the new listings, which also comprise AMD, CORE, ACH, NVDA, and CFX. The platform’s listing of the Shiba Inu assets represents the growing token adoption among mainstream platforms.

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