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Solid Marketz Review – Is a Good Broker?

Solid Marketz Review started my trading career just short of a decade ago. Yes, 10 years back, I was a new trader like you. I know that the number of new traders has been increasing since then. You now have people all over the world and in every country looking to create an extra income stream. Now, when I started trading, I signed up with a couple of brokers first. I quit my account with them to finally find Solid Marketz. That’s when I knew that I had reached my destination in terms of having the right company by my side for all my trading needs. Since then, I have not even entertained the idea of signing up with some other firm once.

What has made me such a staunch supporter and trader of Solid Marketz? Continue to reading to know about that.

Solid Marketz – Why It Makes You a Permanent Customer

Solid Marketz

The Flawless Training

Okay, so many online brokers are not providing you with training on how to trade. This is nothing new for traders who are only just stepping in the world of trading. They know that the company they sign up with will provide them with all the training material. However, let me tell you that based on my testing of these training materials, these companies are not doing justice to training. They are giving you material that does not make sense. It is either too generic in nature or specific to a particular topic. For example, a company might be providing you with forex, stock, and crypto trading, but when you look at its training material, it is only focused on forex.

The training that you will get from Solid Marketz is flawless in every way. You get to learn through ebooks and videos. When it comes to videos, you have two pages filled with videos that will teach you how to trade. You have multiple accounts from which you can choose the one that meets your needs. If you have picked the right one, you can even be a part of private training sessions. Not to mention the live webinars that you can attend to listen to the thought leaders who understand every bit of trading and can train you to become a pro in no time.

The Best CFD Assets

You will CFDs with Solid Marketz, and you will get a lot of benefits while doing that. Now, before you think about anything else, let me tell you that having a lot of assets on your portfolio means a lot. That’s what you can expect from the best investors in the world. They don’t want to put all their eggs in the same basket by investing all their savings in the same asset. What they do is they choose many different assets, some are even correlated, to trade them all at once. This allows them to benefit from one while they are losing their money in the other. They stay afloat during even the most difficult market conditions with this strategy.

Now, when you can trade fiat currencies, stocks from the biggest companies, indices from many countries, cryptocurrencies of various varieties, and commodities of different nature with the same broker, you don’t have to look elsewhere. 

The Smallest Initial Deposits and Spreads

An important point to consider before you pick an online company for trading is how much money you can make with it. To be precise, you don’t really see how much money you can make with a company. Instead, you see how easy it will be for you to do that. How can it be difficult for you to make money? The problem is that some online firms will charge you a lot of commissions. In addition to that, they might have different types of fees associated with their services. Not to mention, they might require you to make a huge deposit right when you sign up with an account.

No, you will not get any discount even if you go with only the basic account. Spreads are another concern that you have to pay attention to when you sign up with an online broker. If the spreads are lose, you will end up with very small profits no matter how successful you are with your trades. You will have to worry about none of that with Solid Marketz. This firm has ensured that you can deposit only 250 EUR in your account and start trading. Furthermore, on some assets, your spreads will be as low as 0.1 pips. These numbers indicate a platform with perfect trading conditions.

An Advanced Trading Software

The trading software, or platform if you would like to call it, is quite advanced that you get from Solid Marketz. The broker has made sure to pick a trading platform that goes well with the needs of modern traders. Firstly, you have this trading platform available in all the formats that you can think of. You want it on your mobile, you can download it in the form of a mobile application. You want it on your desktop, you can download it on your desktop as a software. If you want the same software on all your devices without any requirements of configuring it over and over, you can go with the web trader.

All the advanced charts and analytical tools that you need for trading are there on the trading platform. It allows you to trade with only a few clicks. Last but not least, you will not take more than a few minutes to learn how the software works.

Final Thoughts

I have talked with the customer support of the broker many times, and I have found them to be true professionals every time. They listen to you and respond to your queries with knowledge. More importantly, they have answered my queries even at 3AM in the morning. Yes, they are available for you 24 hours a day during the five working days. Based on these things and my perfect trading experience with the broker, I think I will never need to find a new one after my six years of trading with Solid Marketz.

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