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SPX And DJI Touch New Lows As Market Tanks

Friday morning witnessed a sharp surge in stock markets. S&P 500, the Dow Jones index, Nike futures, and Nasdaq shares printed fresh highs. 

Macron Technology joined the train of rising shares as well. 

Stocks Performances

Bears overturned the stock markets on Thursday, causing the erasure of Wednesday’s profits. S&P 500 dived due to a bearish impact. While Nasdaq Composite declined but did not smash June’s low, Nasdaq 100 did. 

Apple and Tesla shares led the dipping indexes pack. 

Bond yields bounced Thursday, amassing maximum profit afterward. Contrary to Federal Reserve’s expectation, jobless claims arrived at a five-month low. Also, CarMax and Apple incurred losses during Thursday’s trading session. 

iPhone chip designers are currently having a rough time with the declining economic situation. 

Apple indexes shrunk partially due to a backlash from an analyst and mostly from dwindled sales. Moreover, the company recently slowed down manufacturing over reduced demand.

Nike narrowly hit its quarterly target in its sales and revenue report. Furthermore, its gross margin dropped drastically compared to 2021. These resulted from liquidating a plethora of its stocks in North America.

North America’s stocks rocketed 65 percent compared to 2021. Nike’s shares delved 3.2 percent, touching 95.52 per share amid Thursday’s trading session. Given that, it hit an inside day 2-year low.

Macron stocks flipped abruptly, dropping 1.9 percent on Thursday. It traded at 50.01 after falling to a twenty-three-month low last week.

Elsewhere, IBM stocks soared overnight after the company took some managerial steps. IBM split its shares by 78 percent to thirty-seven cents per share. 

Indexes’ Latest Price Action

On Thursday, stock markets sank upon opening and traded bearishly. Indexes closed faintly above daily lows. 

Dow Jones lost 1.5 percent amid trading on Thursday. The S&P 500 stepped lower by 2.1 percent. Also, Nasdaq cratered, fading 2.8 percent from its intrinsic value. 

Russell 2000 also met a similar fate when it slumped 2.2 percent. 

Apple stocks went down to 142.48, losing 4.9 percent in the process. While maintaining space from June’s low, it attained its lowest since July. The Bank of America (BOA) predicted Apple’s index to reach 160.

The ten-year treasury yield gained 4bps, going up by 3.75 percent. But it hit a midday high of 3.81 percent. However, it lost 26 basis points on Wednesday.

Regardless, it is still pooling gains for the ninth consecutive week.

USOIL dumped 1.1 percent to $81.23 per barrel.

Meanwhile, Dow Jones stepped higher 0.3 percent against fair value earlier today. Nike and IBM, constituents of DJI, followed its lead. Nasdaq 100 jumped 0.6 percent and S&P 500 rose 0.5 percent.

The ten-year treasury yield ticker plunged 3.71 percent, losing 4bps. It wiped out profits made from Thursday. 

VIX, also known as the CBOE Volatility index, surged Thursday. Wednesday saw it delve to a low range. Analysts suggest a break below June’s nether would signal the market has bottomed.

The Central Bank of China is allowing cities to reduce mortgage rates. The region might witness a decrease in rent costs.

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