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Stripe And Primer Introduce Bitcoin Payment Via OpenNode

The future of payment in digital currencies is gaining traction with the latest Stripe and Primer’s partnership with OpenNode.

Companies can convert part of their balance into Bitcoin with the Stripe App. Additionally, they may convert all incoming funds in part or fully into Bitcoin.

Online merchants in the United Kingdom can accept payments in Bitcoin via OpenNode and Primer. The Lightning Network powers both Stripe and Primer transactions.

Lightning Network CEO Jack Mallers previously announced the integration of Lightning payments into most POS terminals across the United States. Over the past week, CoinCorner launched the Bolt Cards on the Isle of Man.

The separate announcements from Stripe and Primer are the latest payment solutions powered by the Lightning Network. The future of payment seems to be through the power and efficiency of the Lightning Network protocol.

In all these, however, Bitcoin appears to be at the center of all transactions between the networks. Is Bitcoin evolving to become a medium of payment?

The Primer and OpenNode Payment Systems

Primer is a U.K.-based crypto payment service provider that has developed an effective payment framework for merchants. Its drag-and-drop method allows merchants to create payment stacks for their businesses effortlessly.

And to operate an online payment with digital tokens, the start-up needed Bitcoin to play the role of transaction medium. Customers also need to use Bitcoin to process their transactions. Merchants can add Bitcoin to their payment stack to be able to receive payment.

Payments are becoming increasingly complex, which calls for solutions, and Bitcoin fixes the problem.

Fiat to Crypto Conversion with Stripe and OpenNode

The Stripe team released a statement clarifying how users could use the new service on its platform. The Stripe app provides easy and secure payment services to customers. Users can convert all or part of their incoming payments to Bitcoin seamlessly.

Moreover, companies can have first-hand exposure to Bitcoin on the Stripe Dashboard. Stripe intends to announce the new development at the next user conference.

Stripe is one of the leading global payment platforms that is widely used. The increased cryptocurrency adoption has seen the payment platform expand its range of services to meet demand.

Meanwhile, the company will launch the new Stripe Apps and the Stripe App Marketplace over the next few days. Additionally, the OpenNode app is part of the beta launch that will be open to the public.

The head of strategy at OpenNode, Josh Held, noted that OpenNode has always believed in the prospect of Bitcoin. Held added that the partnership with Lightning Network came at the right time because demand is rapidly growing.

Moreover, OpenNode’s partnership with Primer will accommodate diverse business needs. It will also integrate the option of Bitcoin payments for business customers.

Bitcoin is the most widely used digital currency and has assumed a leading role in the world of crypto transactions. From a store of value to a medium of exchange, probably so.

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