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Teletubbies Teases Their Fans With Crypto Announcement

Investing or adopting Bitcoin either as a hobby or as a trader is now the order of the day, with entities across the world continuing to push the coin higher. Any modern-day person who believes in the digitization of the world would support this motion.

While retail traders have been able to add their support to push the price of the digital asset to the sky, institutional investors have combined to send the asset to the high heavens. This has pushed more people into the sector, and the recent news is that Teletubbies have made a Bitcoin-related announcement.

Users think it’s an April fool’s prank

Most people nowadays might not be familiar with the group, but they first debuted on our screens as early as 1997. According to the post that was taken off their verified Twitter handle, the group mentioned that they were keeping something from their viewers, adding the Bitcoin hashtag to it. Two of the group members, Tinky Winky and Po, had a giant question mark in their picture.

This move has been adopted by most of the proponents in the crypto market, with laser eyes showing that the digital asset is growing bullish. However, most of the entities that have shown this sign have been adults, whereas the target audience was mainly kids. While most of the crypto community is being riled up about the news, most people believe that the account is just setting up the tweet for April fool’s day tomorrow.

Children are entering the crypto space

Reacting to the news, most crypto proponents have started giving names of digital assets to the characters. This recent announcement is coming after the group announced that they were planning to celebrate their 24th anniversary. While most of the users have touted the idea of a non-fungible token by the group, others are still maintaining a moderate stance. A kid went viral a few weeks ago after she released a video explaining how Bitcoin works. A crypto user has pointed out that banks are in trouble if the kids start adopting digital assets.

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