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Top Under $1 Cryptos Worth Your Consideration This Christmas

Though the cryptocurrency market has seen temporary upsurges, they have not been profitable, and virtual assets have declined substantially. For instance, Dogecoin has outperformed all top cryptos, surging around 150%.

Though Elon Musk’s latest controversies could have contributed to DOGE’s upsides, the successful Twitter acquisition indicates success. So here is the leading under $1 cryptocurrencies worth your attention during this festive season.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is a blockchain platform launched in 2017. It runs like a decentralized application (Dapp) for creators who can develop Dapps without challenges. ADA has recorded some success within the previous year, and though its price remains beneath $1 and will unlikely overcome the level in 2022, the coming year appears promising.

Tron (TRX)

Tron is among the most renowned blockchain platforms globally, regardless of TRX’s low price. Moreover, the project has witnessed the latest surges because of its heightened adoption by DeFi networks and decentralized applications. Nonetheless, TRX will likely remain beneath $1 during this Christmas season.

Golteum (GLTM)

Golteum is creating a non-fungible token (NFT) market to enable individuals to purchase, trade, and sell gold-supported NFTs. In addition, they recently introduced a utility coin users will use when on Golteum’s platform. However, its primary feature remains the ingenious protocol, which enables user interaction with the different services and products within the ecosystem.

Investors are more interested in viable assets that ensure secured investments amidst the crypto market’s downside trajectory and massive price declines. While Cardano appears to constantly develop its network to attain the ideal way to solve scalability problems and Tron wants to be the leading blockchain for sharing content, Golteum engages in a new and unexplored sector, introducing physical assets, especially gold, on the blockchain.

The team launched the GLTM coin after completing Certik’s KYC. Users will use the token as the platform’s utility token to access the many services and products in the blockchain. Remember, Certik also audited GLTM’s smart contract.

Moreover, the Golteum developers will soon introduce their much-awaited NFT marketplace, allowing people to buy, trade, and exchange gold-backed NFTs. That’s a new concept in the market. Meanwhile, the approach will ensure investor access to an innovative way to buy, sell, and trade physical gold.

It remains interesting how Golteum is transitioning the oldest reserve currency, making it accessible in web3. Moreover, the project integrated the Fireblocks web 3.0 Engine, supporting the mission to bring a top-notch trading platform. They include the highly awaited tokenization mechanism for gold NFTs, risk mitigation tools, treasury management, and custody services.

Assessing GLTM today might be a lucrative move before Christmas upsurges. The native coin has witnessed attractive success in its presale period, soaring by 85% to $0.13 from $0.07. Moreover, the massive ongoing 20% bonus incentivizes more early adopters.

Final Thought

Generally, investing in the mentioned low-priced cryptos could be wise, as the assets may witness substantial upticks after Christmas. Furthermore, learning about new investment opportunities is essential as the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve. Invest what your budget permits.

Crypto investments remain risky. Thus, interested individuals should beware of the risks before joining any project. Meanwhile, research as possible before investing. Then, you can ponder things like potential losses and returns.

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