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TRAC, WTC, And WABI On The Rise

The twist of fortunes and market correction phase of the last two weeks have started to boost the fortunes of many tokens. Before this time, Bitcoin, and a host of many altcoins like Ethereum, DOT, Bitcoin Cash, and many other altcoins, have all suffered a massive dip in fortunes. However, while Bitcoin is currently trading above $60K, and Ethereum- which is nearing the $2,000 mark, and many other altcoins have bounced back, it appears that they are not alone. Supply chain projects like Waltonchain’s WTC, Wabi’s WABI, and OriginTrail’s TRAC have enjoyed a stellar fortune in the last week.

The projects have benefitted from the Economic resumption of activities this year

The three projects, which are logistics affiliated, are believed to have enjoyed the economic resumption of activities worldwide. The global lockdown, which had resulted from the impact of COVID-19, is now seeming to ease at the moment. However, TRAC, WTC, and WABI have been the biggest beneficiary of economic resumption worldwide. Each of the Blockchain logistics-themed projects has witnessed at least 300% in fortunes since the beginning of 2021.

Wabi, a blockchain project that bridges the information divide between customers and brands, has seen its native token- WABI, reach an all-time high of $0.4 late last week. The token had seen its price rise more than 300% since the beginning of the year. However, the token has enjoyed a much more stellar rise in fortunes in February when it rose by at least 200% in fortunes. Many analysts believe that the token will continue to plummet in fortunes. The Wabi project is also set to launch a new marketing solution tailored to the growing Asian economy.

Waltonchain is another Blockchain protocol whose fortunes have rapidly grown since the beginning of the year. The blockchain protocol known to create a terrain for Blockchain to co-exist with RFID technology has been solidly effective in creating an enabling environment for the supply chain to flourish. Its native token, WTC, has seen a meteoric rise of more than 200% since the beginning of the year and currently trades at $1.24 in today’s prices. The token is believed to have benefitted from a lot of ongoing development around the Blockchain project and is believed to be on this part till the end of the year.

TRAC on the right track

The OriginTrail blockchain protocol, founded in 2011 and prides itself as the pacesetter in creating an enabling environment for the supply chain and its affiliates to thrive upon, has seen the fortune of its native token- TRAC, rise rapidly since the beginning of the year. Much like the other logistics-themed project’s token, TRAC has seen its fortunes rise by more than 400% since January 1st,2021.

The token currently trading at $0..88 in today’s price have also witnessed several all-time highs, from its $0.2 trading price in January. However, the project’s partnership with fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Walmart, and Oracle is set to see TRAC smash several all-time highs again in the future, much to the delight of their investors.

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