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Twitter Enables Bitcoin Tipping Services For All iOS Users

Twitter, the most iconic social media platform there is was recently trying its best to engage with practices that would allow the creators and content providers to be paid on the platform in crypto. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has mentioned several times that if he wouldn’t be the chair of Twitter, then he would definitely be working on a Bitcoin project. The talks went on and on, and finally, there were whispers of this new Bitcoin project in development.

The good thing is that it is now developed and has become an official part of Twitter after a recent update. The social media platform has employed the use of a lightning network which is a remarkable layer two solutions for Bitcoin blockchain that covers micropayments. This is to ensure that all the tipping that takes place is fully secured in every possible manner and also to make sure that the personal data of the users and content developers don’t get affected.

Twitter Is Finally A Crypto-pro Social Media Platform

The tipping feature is currently only available for iOS users, and development is in progress to include Android and Windows users as well. The dedicated app which is being used for this feature by Twitter is called Strike. The project is not over yet, and it comprises several units and sectors where Twitter is going to try and innovate itself to welcome more and more crypto integration. It is definitely a courageous move on twitter’s end as currently there are no other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram that are using this feature or integrating crypto within it.

It is only expected that in a few months or even a year, Facebook will be promoting and presenting its users with the same feature as Twitter is doing at the moment. This gives out a clear message from the Twitter team that they are crypto-friendly and welcome everyone who wants to be a part of this amazing transition. It is also a likability that in the near future, Twitter will manage to develop its own blockchain and will be able to even host a private token, for that matter, but presently it is just going to bask in all the limelight of making the platform crypto-friendly.

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