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Universal Progress in The Digital Space – Details

  • Shibcat’s dApp Goes Live
  • Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Transformative Potential of New Virtual and Digital Environment

Shibcat’s dApp Goes Live

By incorporating cutting-edge technologies like AI, pattern recognition, plus semantic web, many businesses in the cryptocurrency sector are adopting Web 3. However, one business that has launched its dApp and made it operational is Shibcat, a BEP-20 token initiative with various uses.

The Shibcat’s decentralized application is characterized by farming, lottery, decentralized autonomous organization, and many other features. According to a senior Shibcat spokesperson, investors can use the company’s dApp to buy their favorite cryptocurrency from the Ethereum Platform or the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Moreover, Shibcat’s project allows inter-blockchain communication (IBC), enabling transactions between effective blockchains like AVAX, Binance, and Ethereum. Shibcat has further committed to decentralizing conventional lottery systems and digitizing them while merging the most recent betting venues into its decentralized application.

The representative for the business emphasized that the Shibcat decentralized application offers good income potential for investors. Investors who stake their tokens on the platform can generate an additional income stream. Furthermore, the “Earn” function on the decentralized application can help those new to the cryptocurrency market with little experience with assets increase the worth of their holdings.

Shibcat promotes its societal goals by emphasizing the DAO’s role in making executive and legislative choices in addition to its comprehensive feature set. For the efficient running of its numerous frameworks, the project also uses image bots and AI-powered chatbots within its Telegram conversations.

Shibcat’s concept includes AI-powered bots as a key component, but the business has also made inroads into exchanges, NFTs, and games, among other things. Shibcat is a great example of a project that uses AI to help people and businesses in the crypto industry. Yet, several other initiatives have used AI to benefit the cryptocurrency industry.

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Transformative Potential of New Digital Environment

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) has unveiled aspirations to create the first-ever free zone that will only serve businesses engaged in the virtual and digital asset market, the RAK Digital Assets Oasis. The disclosure was made during the Blockchain Life 2023 conference. The objective is to build a free zone that will serve the businesses of the future, according to Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid, Chairman of RAK ICC.

The RAK Digital Assets Oasis, the first free environment in the globe created specifically for businesses dealing in virtual and digital assets, strives to provide a forward-thinking, encouraging, and flexible atmosphere to promote innovation. Through its development-enabling ecosystem, the zone hopes to support the dreams of entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

According to Dr. Sameer Al Ansari, CEO of RAK ICC, worldwide dealers have an unrivaled opportunity thanks to RAK Digital Assets Oasis. The zone provides a special blend of sustainability and availability, reinforced by Ras Al Khaimah’s current policies, good friendly environment, and cosmopolitan culture, given the UAE’s status as a top innovation hub.

The idea of hosting the top minds in the Web3 sector at RAK Digital Assets Oasis also excited Dr. Al Ansari. The zone is eager to host innovators that have game-changing concepts that have the potential to alter the future in a positive direction, with a focus on making a difference and generating impact.

RAK Digital Assets Oasis was founded to help the next generation of entrepreneurial talent develop game-changing solutions and influence the direction of business and economies.

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