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USD Weakness Dictates as Crypto and Commodities Soar

The United States dollar (USD) deteriorated as the Chinese economy re-opens, triggering upticks in Bitcoin, gold, copper, and the stock market. In addition, the Federal financial policy stance cooled U.S. inflation, and geopolitical developments bolstered gold demand.

Indeed, mid-January started to materialize into a fascinating market phase compared to the year’s initial week. Gold price surpassed $1,900, Bitcoin climbed past $21K, whereas copper touched $9,000/ton for the initial time since June. That came as China began to re-open the economy.

Meantime, S&P cemented its position beyond 4,000 following December’s cooled CPI. In contrast, the United States dollar index saw a substantial move since its September 2022 peak, losing over 11% from the peaks (according to Quadcode Market’s UUR/USD data).

Lower Inflation & Softer Financial Federal Policy in New Year

The New Year comes with a softer Federal financial policy as the United States inflation cools substantially as per economist forecast, and 2022’s aggressive increases appear to be something of the past. Also, the U.S. dollar’s strength seems a past tense as the Federal slows hikes into less frequent and smaller events.

In that context, the worst is over as far as the Federal tightening is concerned. Consequently, the United States dollar started to deteriorate across the financial board. EUR-USD bottomed in September last year after hitting beneath-parity levels of 0.9535. The pair has since gained, soaring by over 13.5%.

That came as the United States dollar momentum began to unwind. Analysts trust the dollar might bounce back in the coming four-eight weeks, though the overall atmosphere remains southward.

With the Federal left with less work to do amidst cooling United States CPI, and other leading banks playing rate hike catch-up, 2023 may be the year that the dollar will deteriorate further and potentially stabilize as other currencies begin to catch up – in value appreciation and interest rate yields.

More Optimism Within the Stock Market

The stock market welcomed 2023 with a mixed bias. However, after the United CPI dipped from 7.1% to 6.5% on 12 January, the sector gained an optimistic stance. Most stocks have recorded significant upticks since then, though Coinbase’s stock printed the most dramatic surges.

COIN saw a 52% uptick since the year began. BTC surged 27% within that period. Likewise, Coinbase stock recorded impressive surges after 2022’s crash left it 88% lower.

Commodities in 2023

Market experts and analysts have been highly positive about gold this year due to various factors – massive buying appetite from central banks, the Federal’s 2nd stage of financial tightening, which may be the financial phase that may end by 2023 end and geopolitical risks.

The USD’s inverse correlation remains substantial and might support gold prices this year, provided the dollar’s weakness persists in the upcoming months. Remember, upticks in gold usually see surges in Silver. Silver has a different demand and industrial usage, but it’s a precious metal utilized for wealth preservation and jewelry.

Therefore, some Gold-Silver correlation causes the metals to fluctuate similarly. Meanwhile, Silver records higher percentage increments than gold because of its lower prices. That makes the former lucrative for aggressive traders, though risks are high.

Investors should watch copper as its bullishness remains impressive on the commodity side. It overcame the $9,00 level within two weeks since 2023 began amidst positivity that China’s re-opening might heighten demand sustainably.

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