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VeChain Rolls Out First-Ever Blockchain Tech-based IVF Service Application In Collaboration With DNV

In the companionship of Renji Hospital of China and DNV, VeChain has initiated a new dimension in blockchain technology. MyBaby, which is a service app presenting In-Vetro fertilization (IVF) based on blockchain, has been launched by the fruitful collaboration to tackle the complexities related to the babies.

In the disclosure of the report, it was stated that the aim of providing women with the facility of a tool for improving the IVF procedure by mitigating stress had been targeted by this app. With the help of this app, the hospitals can manage the data in a better manner and by organizing the record of their children’s development. VeChain stated that another purpose of the creation of this app is the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression linked to this process.

In the subsequent four years, China’s In-Vetro fertilization (IVF) will expectedly exceed $2.8 billion. VeChain is targeted by this app to be placed at the heart of the expanding market by playing a key role in the development of Assisted Reproductive Service Center of Renji Hospital. Each year, approximately 400,000 people are facilitated to treatment in VeChain. The adoption of this new technology will make their security and data services extra transparent. VeChain said that the output of this project includes greater security, decision-making, and less physical and emotional burden.

VeChain disclosed that all the collected data in this app is saved on the VeChainThor blockchain. So, only the authorized users can access the data. A further facility is that the data can be accessed on each step like fertilization, extraction, labelling, preservation, and scoring of eggs. To enhance the given ease and enhance the experience of users is the key target of the MyBaby app. Apart from that, the third party will not be able to intervene in the private information as it will be secured.

The ambassadors from DNV, VeChain, Shanghai Quality Control Center for Assisted Reproductive Technology, and the Center for Reproductive Medicine of Renji Hospital celebrated the deployment of the app by conducting a ceremony. The VeChain organization gave the remarks at the end that the MyBaby app reveals the value of blockchain and its positive effects on daily life. It further explained that this instance would give way to the many-fold utilization of blockchain in society. Moreover, it mentioned that through this app, blockchain technology would reach those aspects of human life which will change the usual perception of the technology.

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