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VISA’s Interest in Cryptocurrency is Increasing

VISA is the largest digital payment platform in the world. The corporation is serving millions of active consumers in more than 200 countries. There is no better platform for any monetary commodity to get worldwide exposure. VISA has been known to place its bets where it matters. To make the best investment decisions and keep in line with the latest monetary innovations, the corporation has managed to become one of the most successful organizations of all time.

During the VISA Q2 earning calls, the enterprise had some encouraging remarks about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency projects. There are talks about a dedicated cryptocurrency payment protocol in the company’s main product. The top brass of the payment giant seemed determined to bring cryptocurrency into mainstream markets side by side with its fiat counterparts.

Bitcoin is Digital Gold for VISA

Alfred Kelly, CEO of VISA, recently called Bitcoin the digital gold. Kelly also said that the corporation is working on several new projects revolving around cryptocurrencies. Some of the most exciting and noteworthy crypto projects are direct crypto purchases, cryptocurrency exchange and conversion, Integration with VISA merchant checkpoints, and giving the commercial entities the option of settling their digital asset accounts with the help of stablecoin.

VISA has reportedly been experimenting with a crypto API project for a few years. The current year seems most suitable for the launch and introduction of cryptocurrency integrations to make sure that they are getting able to cater to the huge market interest. In March, VISA introduced the USDC checkout settlement option with the Ethereum blockchain. 

Why is VISA Taking such a Great Interest in Bitcoin?

The interest of VISA has been engaged with Bitcoin even before the current market boom. However, when the flagship crypto reached an ATH of about $65,000, its market cap surpassed the combined value of VISA and Mastercard. This incident highlighted the great potential of cryptocurrencies, and therefore, both VISA and Mastercard have been showing interest in working with the Bitcoin market.

VISA may launch a direct crypto purchase ability for about 2.5 billion active users. The implications of such a significant event would be massive for the Bitcoin market growth and appreciation. 

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