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WhatsMiners To Manufacture Bitcoin Mining Machines In The US

WhatsMiners, a Bitcoin mining firm, seeks to foray into the American mining industry with new miners. These technology-based products will aid ease the difficulties faced when mining. Further, it will expand the Bitcoin miners’ market. 

WhatsMiners To Expand Mining Machine Development In The US

WhatsMiners is the second largest Bitcoin miners’ producer worldwide. The company recently declared intentions to commence developing Bitcoin mining machines in the United States officially. WhatsMiners will partner with Synos Corp to build these new sets of miners. 

For now, the firm limited its manufacturing capacity of air-cooled miners to 10,000 machines monthly. However, it plans to push it up to 30,000 in posterity. 

Kevin Zhang unofficially released information on this via a post on Twitter. Meanwhile, the company has yet to make any announcements regarding it. But it did leave cues to shore up Zhang’s story. 

Nevertheless, the public is doubtful as to the verity of the statement. One reason for this is the absence of press updates concerning the development. Besides, neither MicroBT nor WhatsMiners has confirmed it on their official handles.

Although they often retweet ambiguous tweets, nothing has come up about this particular one. Moreover, some believe the product is already available.  

WhatsMiners seeks to impose decentralization on Bitcoin mining through this step. Chinese firms had assumed exclusive control over the Bitcoin miners’ market. Hence, miners relied on products from these companies to mine Bitcoin. 

However, that is about to change as WhatsMiners prepares to effect a new order. Entering the market will both expand it in America and create healthy competition. 

Will WhatsMiners Benefit From Making The First Move?

Global concerns have arisen due to the amount of energy Bitcoin mining consumes. As a result, several countries banned mining because of its energy usurpation. 

Meanwhile, America may soon become a full-fledged Bitcoin mining zone. Not long back, Intel introduced Blockscale ASIC. This device improves mining processes while mitigating energy usage. 

WhatsMiners has always wanted to penetrate the US market with mining machines. This new move is a show of hand that it is finally achieving its objective. The industry, the Bitcoin community, and the organization will benefit from this move. 

Taxes and importation costs of mining machines will attenuate after WhatsMiners kicks off production. In addition, the company has begun expanding into North America. It established an after-sale repair shop in the US, two in Kazakhstan, and two in Canada. 

These repair shops fix machines still within the warranty deadline. So, it is understandable that the company mentioned its US manufacturing capacity.

Kevin further stated in his post that there is much more information about the company. One is that it has been working on this project for the past three years. 

While this move is a minute step towards decentralization, it is significant. Now that WhatsMiners joins the two existing miners producers, it makes two continents in the business. Besides, the company is taking a considerable step amid a downshift market outlook. 

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